Friday, 30 May 2014

My favourite shampoo │ Alberto Balsam juicy green apple review.♥

Hola you lovely lot! 

Today's post is a bit of a 2 in 1 as I'm sharing my favourite shampoo but I'm also giving a review of the brand Alberto Balsam. 

I have oily hair and it gets greasy every 2 days, it's actually ridiculous. So about a year ago I was trying to invest in a new shampoo as I was using Tresemme which is an okay shampoo.

I came across this and I had heard of the brand and I heard juicy green apple and thought it will smell really nice and I wasn't wrong there. It smells so nice and when you wash your hair with it, it freshens up your hair and your hair smells of apples until you wash it on the 2nd day (this is just my hair though as it is oily). I also liked how it says "get fresh for normal/greasy hair" it really does work and gets rid of all my grease. It is a winner and I buy it for £1 from Savers which is a bargain.

Rating out of 10- 10/10

What is your favourite shampoo and why?

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