Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Making Buns with Alfie ♥


So I have a few announcements that probably won't interest you but I'm going to announce them anyway:

1. It was my little brother Alfie's birthday a few days ago and he was 4! I'm not okay with the fact he is growing up so fast! It only feels like yesterday when he was born and now he is 4 and he is the most hilarious person I know. 

2. My exams are stressing me out far too much. 

Anyway I have another announcement at the end of this post which may interest you a little more but I shall carry on with my post.

As you may or may not know I am a huge fan of baking. I bake all the time and it is one of those hobbies that I love to do and Alfie always comes round with a box which is a cup cake kit and recently he brought Monsters University ones and he agrees that he will help me by putting the icing sugar on and help me stir the ingredients but as you need to use a mixer to make them he hates it and doesn't participate and when I've done most of it and put it in the oven he comes into the kitchen and asks when they're done. His favourite part is eating them but lets be fair who's isn't? 

So when they come out the oven they are never perfect, my baking will never be perfect however I feel like they look more homemade than shop bought. So once they cooled I let Alfie help me with the icing sugar but to be honest the mixture for the icing sugar is rubbish and didn't really decorate them but oh well and he then stuck on the stickers. We then let the icing sugar set and then we ate a few...

They looked like this.
So overall me and Alfie make a good team for making cupcakes that look more like buns haha.

Do you like baking?

My final announcement is that I'm wanting a few people to do guest posts for my blog, there will be 4 spaces available for now and each guest post will be posted in a week meaning that there will be 4 weeks worth of guest posts along with my normal posts. If you are interested then you can email me: megb1998@hotmail.co.uk and to do a guest post I am asking of a small charge of £1.00. Along with being featured on my blog you will also be mentioned on my twitter account to my 14,000+ followers. These guest posts will start after my blog series has finished.

Thanks for reading! 

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