Tuesday, 23 June 2015

*BLANX Whiteshock Range Review.

Hello everyone. So I know I put up a post on the 13th June, explaining what I had been doing and that I was back from my blogging break which lasted 2 months and I am back and I've been trying to get back into blogging but it has been a very slow process. Since leaving school, I have been extremely busy. I've been sorting out all my stuff and trying to get new storage - which is still an ongoing battle now. So today I thought I'd put myself to good use and at least write one blog post and so this is it. As suggested by the title this is a Blanx review. I was probably meant to put up a review after 2 weeks of using all of these products because you're meant to see results in 2 weeks but personally I decided that I wanted to finish the whole of the products (if I could) before I did this review, to ensure I had really tested these products thoroughly.  

 I was kindly sent the whole whiteshock range of Blanx products.Which suggests that they are products that will help you whiten your teeth. I got sent the mouthwash, a gel pen, the intensive whitening treatment with an LED bite, the whiteshock toothpaste with an LED and the non-abrasive toothpaste. So I had a lot of products to use and test and it took a long time to decide what really helped my teeth or whether they even did help me whiten my teeth and what my general opinion of the products were.

So firstly this is the *Blanx Whiteshock Mouthwash and I really didn't like this product. For me personally it was just too strong and it was quite overwhelming every time I used it. I used this about 10 times and then I just physically couldn't use it anymore. It made my teeth really sensitive too. So I didn't manage to finish this product but it just wasn't for me. If you are into strong minty mouthwashes though, this could be the one for you.This retails in Boots for £5.50.

The next product is the *Blanx Gel Pen which again, I can't say I loved. I used this product until it was nearly all gone but didn't quite get to finish it. I didn't really enjoy using this product and it didn't show any difference of whitening my teeth. It is designed so you can whiten your teeth on the go but again, I wouldn't go crazy for this product. I also probably wouldn't use it out in public. This retails for £10.00 in Boots.

The next product which I tested was the *Blanx WhiteShock and LED and I really loved this product. I used the toothpaste till there was none left and the LED was a nice little edition. I can't really say it whitened my teeth any but it was a nice product to use. I felt that by using the LED my toothpaste was a lot more hygienic and although I used it to whiten my teeth, it didn't really do anything. The toothpaste is really nice though and my teeth felt great after I'd used it. This retails in Boots for £7.50.

The LED was so easy to attach as you just screw it onto the toothpaste.

The next product I tested was the *Blanx WhiteShock Intensive Treatment with an LED Bite. Personally again I wasn't too impressed with this product. It didn't really help whiten my teeth and the formula is quite hard to get out of the container. I didn't manage to finish this product but after 3 weeks it kind of dried out and I couldn't get any of it out, which was a shame. I loved how you could simply put it in your mouth and I liked how it beeped after 10 minutes so you knew the time was up but mine stopped working and didn't light up after 4 uses - which is really disappointing. I know this isn't the case for everyone and I could have got some more batteries but I didn't see the point as I didn't really enjoy using the product anyway. This retails in Boots for £15.99.

The last product from the range that I tried and tested was the *Blanx white shock non-abrasive toothpaste but this time it was in a 75ml tube. I really loved this product and used every last drop out of the tube. I enjoyed using this product even though it didn't really whiten my teeth. You could also attach the LED light to this tube if you really wanted. It had a nice minty taste and it wasn't overwhelming and it cleaned my teeth fine. I really liked using this product and would happily repurchase in the future. This retails in Boots for £4.99.

So that's my review of the Blanx Whiteshock range, as you can see most of the products just didn't really deliver for me and none of them whitened my teeth but some of the products were enjoyable to use and so I wasn't too disappointed.

I just want to thank the team over at Blanx for being so patient with me and for sending me these products to review.

Have you tried any products from Blanx?

*DISCLAIMER: These products have been sent for review purposes only, all views are 100% honest and are my own.