Thursday, 10 March 2016

Motivational March with Busy B!

Stationery always gives me motivation and so today I am sharing with you a product I think is perfect for organising plans, appointments and remembering important things. This *monthly desktop planner from one of my favourite stationery companies Busy B, is the perfect essential to anyone's desk or worktop.The design is so pretty and will look lovely anywhere, even if you don't want to put it on a desk. At £8.99, it is a budget friendly planner and it will keep you organised for 12 months. One of the best things about this planner is that it is undated and so you can start this whenever you want. As I got mine delivered at the end of February, I decided to start mine in March and so my monthly desktop planner will last me till next February, which is perfect. This monthly desktop planner will motivate me to make plans, remember appointments and overall keep me organised as my brain can't remember everything!
The Busy B Monthly Desktop Planner also has a handy integrated stand so that it can easily propped up on a desk or worktop and so you don't have to mess about getting it to stand up properly!
 This monthly desktop planner has 2 lovely designs that alternate between months and also each month there is a handy storage pocket to store anything such as receipts, tickets, coupons or anything you might need or want to store and you can do it all in one place! As you can see I have handwritten on my monthly desktop planner but you can always buy stickers to place into the planner if you wanted to. There is enough space and I love how it is set out. I couldn't recommend a monthly planner more. It's also travel friendly if you needed to travel about with it. The lovely team at Busy B have given me an exclusive discount code where you can get 20% off their Monthly Desktop Planner on their site and all you have to do is use the code "PERKS" which I think is very generous! If you were to buy the Monthly Desktop Planner for £8.99, with my discount code you would get it for £7.21 which is an even better deal, so I'd definitely recommend visiting their website because they have so much stationery which can help you on your way to staying organised. You can visit their website here.

Did you see my 'Starting 2016 with Busy B' post? Well you can read it here. I still use both of those products today to keep me organised too!

Have you got any items from Busy B?
*DISCLAIMER: This product was sent for review purposes only. This does not affect my views and opinions of the product. My views and opinions are 100% honest.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Motivational March with Cheerz!

 I find quotes very motivational and what better way to display them then get them printed out like photos. Cheerz kindly sent me their *Photo Strips and their *Cheerz Box. Obviously the usual idea with this company is to print out photos and I printed out some photos but I mainly focused on quotes, as this is where I get the most motivation from. Cheerz offer many more products such as other prints, magnets, albums, posters and frames. The delivery service from Cheerz was so fast and I received them within 2 days, which I was so happy about. My *Cheerz Box came separately to my *Photo Strips but I received them both on the same day.
So the first thing that arrived was their *Photo Strips. I got 5 strips with 4 photos per strip, so in total I printed 20 photos, although you can select up to 40 photos with 4 photos per strip. You can then customise your strips with border colours and filters but I didn't do that. You can add some text if you so wish and I added some text to one of my strips which was to tell me that they were from my Prom 2015. Then all you have to do is wait to receive them in a cute little envelope. For 5 strips it is £6.50 and delivery is £2.50 extra. The quality is amazing and properly the best quality photos I have ever received and so they are well worth the money. For my strips I printed photos from my Instagram on 2 of them and then for the final 3 I chose some quotes. Along with my prints I got a little magnet, a photo, a postcard and a card which said 'Stevie Wonder just called to say we love you.' - Which I thought was a lovely touch.

Then I received my *Cheerz Box. I got 30 photos and if I wanted I could have customised them with borders, filters and cropping and added some text but I didn't bother seeing as they were all quote photos. You can choose to get 30-45 photos but I got 30. I then finished it off by choosing my favourite Cheerz Box design. The price of the *Cheerz Box is £13 for 30 prints and delivery is £3 extra. Again the quality of these prints were amazing and cannot fault them. If you are printing photos I could not recommend this company enough as they are the highest quality prints I have received and they are reasonably priced and their products can make lovely gifts.

I then already had a frame with something one of my friends had done me for my birthday last year and so I decided to put the photo strips in their and I think they look lovely in the frame. Then for my 30 prints, I decided to stack them near the photo frame so if I need some motivation or anyone who comes to see me, needs some motivation, the photos are there to motivate.

I cannot thank Cheerz enough, the delivery was fantastic, the quality of the prints are amazing and their service overall was faultless and they have a lovely customer service team! I would definitely recommend Cheerz if you need photos printing and I know that my prints will help motivate me throughout the year. You can also either make an order online on their website or you can use their app which I did on my iPhone and all you have to do is download it from the Apple Store or on Google Play. I will definitely be using Cheerz in the future!
You can also order your own Cheerz Box with my referral code: MEGBVN and you can get £4 off! I think you can also use my referral code to get £4 to spend on your account too!
Have you tried Cheerz before?
*DISCLAIMER: These products were sent for review purposes only. This does not influence my opinions or views in any way. My views and opinions are 100% honest.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Motivational March Series.

 It always seems impossible until it's done.


So it's a brand new month and I really want March to be a good one. I feel like I've been so weighed down by things that shouldn't even matter recently and so it's time to start motivating myself. So I thought I would create a 'Motivational March' series on my blog this month and so some of my posts that are published will be ways in which I am motivating myself and hopefully by doing this, I will also motivate others if you should need a little bit of motivation.
Since starting college, everything has been such a task and there hasn't been a moment when anything has been easy. College have just been throwing deadline after deadline at us and in a way, I feel like I've been getting consumed by all this pressure. At the beginning of last month I got given 8 assignments to do, all with a 2 week deadline, which isn't easy when I still have placement to go to for 8 hours a day Tuesday to Friday on one week and then college the following week. I spent 5 days at college and 4 at placement in a 2 week period. I've had to put a lot of things that I enjoy on hold because I felt so much pressure to get my work done, luckily I finished all of my assignments but still didn't really have any time to rest.
I'm hoping that this month will be a little less hectic and a little calmer but I have things to motivate me on and so I hope you enjoy this short series.