Thursday, 31 July 2014

Update on my blog schedule...♥

Hola everyone! 

As you may or may not know for this month which is July I have been attempting a blog schedule and I'm going to be honest and say how do some of you do it? I have found it so difficult and I feel like thinking of ideas is a lot more pressuring and you do get writers block. I felt like I let myself down towards the end as I just couldn't think of any ideas. So I have decided that I won't be having a schedule and I will probably post 2-3 times a week as I feel like it is easier. However I do like the good ol' series on my blog and I am always wanting to do different ones. As you know I have done 2 series on my blog so far this year; the finding new bloggers series  that took place a random day every week and the throwback series which took place every sunday you can find them in my series' on my blog page.  I felt like I had such a good response to my series and I would love to do another one. Do you have any ideas? I want to involve bloggers in my series as I feel like I'm not just doing it for myself but I'm doing it for our community. If you have any ideas let me know in the comments. I know some bloggers have done advice series or they've done series where you get to know them better. Maybe you want me to do a series where I answer Your questions every week, or maybe you are wondering why I'm obsessed with tea. Whatever it may be I'd love to have suggestions. 

Thank you all for reading this very short post, I hope you're all enjoying your summer! 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Blogger Firsts Beauty Edition ♥│ TAG.

Hello everyone! 

That's right it's another TAG and today I thought I'd do the one that was created months ago by Dungarees and donuts! The image above is what she has created but she has given me permission to use it! 

The first brand you found out about due to blogging? 
It was probably Urban Decay and I know this sounds so stupid because everyone has heard of them right but I hadn't so I was introduced to them by lots of bloggers. 

The first youtube tutorial you watched and attempted? 
I watch so many youtubers it's unreal; Zoella, Sprinkle Of Glitter, Twinkle Lashes and even VelvetGh0st (A particular favourite of mine). VelvetGh0st is the youtuber who has introduced me to smokey eyes and all sorts! I attempted a smokey eye tutorial and it went quite good. 

The first high end item you bought? 
A Smashbox lip gloss (I'm not sure if this even counts) but if it doesn't I haven't actually got any high end make up items. 

The first product you regret buying? 
The Maybelline baby lips however I do use the 2 I purchased quite a lot to use them up but they are definitely not worth the hype.

The first product you repurchased? 
Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. 

The first product you reviewed on your blog? 
*Hm I must look back at my blog.*  It was My Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara review.

The first product you bought due to a blogger review?
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and I'm so glad I did. 

Do you still use any of your first blogger make-up purchases? 
Yes I use my Soap and Glory thick and fast mascara and collection lasting perfection concealer and a few more. 

I hope you've enjoyed this TAG! 

Monday, 28 July 2014

What's on my iPhone 4? ♥

Hello everyone! 

I've seen this so many times on youtube but I didn't know whether anyone had done it in the blogosphere but anyway I have decided to do it in blog form because I'm not confident and feel like I just can't do videos, not yet anyway. 

So do you want to see what I've got on my iPhone 4? 

I've only had my iPhone 4 for about a month now but I love it so much and here is what I have on it...

I have the ios 7 update and this is my lock screen - it's a picture of a family members dog and he is adorable. 

When I unlock my phone I am presented with this screen and I basically have all the basics. (I know some of these photos were taken on different days but I forgot to screenshot my lock screen.)
I have:

- Messages: Where I message my friends and family and where I am mainly contacted. 
- Calendar: Where I write reminders, see when people's birthdays are and what date it is. 
- Photos: Where all my photos are stored.
- Camera: Where I take all my photos.
- Weather: Where I check the weather in my area.
- Clock: Where I can check the time and put alarms and timers on.
- Maps: I use it for directions. 
- Videos: Where my videos are stored.
- Notes: Where I write to-do lists, blog ideas and anything on the go. 
-Reminders: I use this if I need an urgent reminder to do something.
- Game Center: I don't really use this but it's for any games that I play.
- Passbook: For important documents.
- Itunes Store: To listen to the newest music and buy some.
- App Store: Where I buy apps. 
- Facetime: Where I video call my friends. 
- Settings: Where I change anything I need to on my phone.
- Phone: Where people call me.
- Mail: Where any mail comes to me.
-Safari: Where I google and search for anything and everything.
- Music: Where I listen to my music. 

Here is the view of my second page on my iPhone 4.

Here is my utilities where I have:

- Contacts: Where everyone is stored in my phone.
-Calculator: If I need to work something out- mainly cost wise.
-Compass: To see where the wind is pointing but I don't use it.
-Voice memos: Don't really use this but this is recordings.
-Newsstand: Where Magazines are stored.
-Stocks: I have no idea what these are but I'm guessing it's to do with money.
-Paypal: Where my money is and an easy way to receive and transfer payments.
-Dictionary: I use this when I need to look up a word. 

Here is a photo of the dictionary app and on that particular day the word of the day was flak. 

Here is my photos. 

Here is my social media folder: 

- Snapchat: Where I send awful photos to my friends and find out what they're up to.
-Instagram: Where I spend hours endlessly scrolling and where I find inspiration.
-Twitter: Where I interact with all you lovely bloggers.
- WhatsApp: Where I talk to friends and family.
- Evernote: Where I again make notes on the go.
- Blinkbox: Where I listen to lots of music and it is so good.
- My o2: Where I check my balance and allowances etc.
- Featurepoints: Where I download different apps to earn points to get rewards such as vouchers.
- Bloglovin': Where I read all your blogs, I literally spend 2 hours a day on it. 

Here is a photo of me scrolling on bloglovin' at that particular time. Here you can see I was reading one of my favourite blogs Agent Smyth and you can follow them here. Please do, you won't regret it. I've been reading their blog since I started in January and I have a happy dance every time they are on my feed. So thank you Claire and Nic for having a wonderful blog. I am like this with many other blogs: I'm easily pleased. 

So that is what's on my iPhone 4. 

Have you enjoyed this post and what do you have on your iPhone?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Twitter Blogger Chats: When and what are they?

As I have only been blogging since January the whole twitter blogger chats were very new to me up until about May. Since May I have tried to participate in a few blogger chats and mostly I've only had time for #bbloggers on a sunday night but hey, at least I participate right? I absolutely love the Twitter chats and it is a way/place where I can interact with new bloggers and people who share the same interests as me - which is pretty cool. You don't have to be a blogger to take part in the chats but mainly bloggers take part. I have learnt while I've taken part in the chats that you will be accepted no matter how long you've been a blogger and it's just a lovely way to get new ideas and share good/bad experiences. Also these chats can create long lists of shopping - some how I don't think my bank balance appreciates this but hey ho. I get a lot of inspiration from the chats and it means that I can put my blog out there too - I love the blogging community and if you would like to take part in a variety of chats, I have put a list of hashtags together so that you know what chats are available and when they take place. Just remember that link sharing is meant to be saved till the end of the chat but if you have relevant links to the topic feel free to give people a chance to look, as long as you don't spam. All times below are in GMT unless stated otherwise.

#bbloggers (beauty bloggers) - Sundays and Wednesdays 8-9pm. - Sundays are normally a topic and Wednesdays are general chit chat.

#lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers) - Sundays 7-8pm. - I should probably take part in this more.

#fbloggers (fashion bloggers) - Mondays and Thursdays 8-9pm. - Hopefully in the near future I will have more fashion related posts on my blog and will participate in this chat.

#sbnchat (Scottish bloggers network chat) - Tuesdays 7-8pm.

#psbloggers (plus size bloggers) - Sundays 9-10pm. 

#pbloggers (parent bloggers) - Sundays 9-10pm.

#tbloggers (teen bloggers) - Saturdays 8-9pm and Thursdays 9-10pm.  - I will probably take part in this more as I only discovered it a few weeks a go, it is so handy and is great for us teens.

#sbloggers (student bloggers) - Fridays 8-9pm. - Another great chat to be involved in. 

#socialcafe (all bloggers) - Tuesdays 2-3am. 

#bookbloggers - Tuesdays 7-8pm.

#mybchat (market your blog- all bloggers) - Tuesdays 7-8pm.

#bloghour (all bloggers) - Tuesdays 9-10pm.

#beautychat (anyone who loves beauty) - Fridays 7-8pm.

#beautichat (anyone who loves beauty) - Thursdays 9-10pm.

#blognix (all bloggers) - Thursdays 9-10pm.

#socialbloggers (all bloggers) - Saturdays 6-7pm.

#fdbloggers (food bloggers) - Thursdays 8-9pm.

#fblchat (fashion/beauty/lifestyle bloggers) - Tuesdays 8-9pm.

#cfbloggers (cruelty free bloggers) - Thursdays 9-10pm.

#bundlechat (fashion, beauty & lifestyle) - Mondays 7-8pm.

#bloggerswlw (weight loss bloggers) - Thursdays 8-9pm.

#30sbloggers - Sundays 9-10pm.

#bloggersdoitbetter (all bloggers) - Mondays 7-8pm and Fridays 8-9pm.

#nzbloggers (new zealand bloggers) - Sundays 8-9pm (NZST)

#pabchat (pick a blogger) - Sundays 5-6pm.

#vloggerschat (vloggers) - Thursdays 8-9pm.

#txwbloggers (Texas women bloggers) - Wednesdays 2-3am.

#tweetursis (small businesses by women) - Tuesdays 9-10pm.

#beautybabble (any beauty lovers) - Mondays 8-9pm.
#craftblogclub (craft bloggers) - Tuesdays 7-8:30pm.

#bloggab (all bloggers) - Tuesdays 9-10pm (ET)

#beautytalk (all beauty lovers) - Tuesdays 2-3am.

#healthyselves (staying healthy chat) - Mondays 8-9pm.

#bloggerspace (all bloggers) - Thursdays 7-8pm.

#blogphotochat (photography chat) - Thursdays 9-10pm.

As you can tell there is a variety of twitter blogger chats out there on twitter - point out the obvious there Megan.  There are so many hashtags that you can take part in and get yourself known. As I said above I just absolutely love the community and as it's summer it entitles me to take part in even more chats.

Which chats do you take part in?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dry Shampoo Review ♥

Hello everyone! 

Today I thought I would review the Batiste Dry Shampoo. I have heard many people saying how good this stuff is, so I thought I needed to try it. I have to wash my hair quite a lot as it gets greasy so easily which is rather annoying. I wash my hair every 2-3 days now but I tend to use this if I'm becoming slightly greasy in between the 2-3 days. So I picked up a big can of this as I didn't want a small one as it would probably only last me 3-4 times and I find it much easier to buy a bigger version of most things. 

So while I was picking up my usual shampoo I thought I'd pick up the tropical dry shampoo which smells of coconuts. 
The can is very bright and stands out well. 
So while this cost me £2.99 I feel mixed emotions about this product.

- The brand has lots of different cans in different scents.
- Easy to use.
- Available in most places.
- Packaging is bright and stands out.
- You can take it anywhere.
- Smells nice.

- The price, I know most people wouldn't complain about the price however I find that most shampoo's are cheaper than this and do the same thing if not better.

- It makes my hair look grey - I have brown hair and as this one comes out white it makes my hair look grey even when I rub it around the whole of my head. I know you can get the coloured ones but at that time there was none available.

- Doesn't really work if you have really greasy hair.

Overall I don't think I will be repurchasing this product as I would much rather wash my hair.

Rating out of 10: 3/10

Thanks for reading! What do you think of this product? 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

All Bloggers Great and Small ♥│TAG

Hola everyone!
Today I'm going to be doing the All Bloggers Great and Small TAG because even though this is from months ago and even though I didn't get tagged. These are my favourite posts to read so I thought I'd do it. 

1.     What makes you want to blog?

Everyone in the blogging community, you are all so so nice and make me feel very welcome! I also want to blog because it gives me something to look forward to and be creative and because of all the people who follow me on bloglovin' and comment on my posts. I love you all! 

2.     Your Morning skin routine?

I have 2 morning skin routines depending on the day but I mainly do my skin routine at night.

Monday - Friday = Face wipe, cleanser and toner.
Saturday or Sunday = Face wash, face mask, toner.

3.     Your favorite blogger?

This is so unfair how am I supposed to pick! I have so many favourites but for this month I'll say A is for Aileen!

4.     A beauty product you couldn’t live without?

This would probably be concealer and probably my collection lasting perfection because it's long-lasting and I have always got dark circles! 

5.     Your favorite make-up brand (drugstore)?

This would probably be Rimmel, Barry M or MUA because they are all fab. 

6.     Your favorite make-up brand (High-end)?

I'm not sure whether this counts as High end but I'm going to say Smashbox. 

7.     What is your staple wardrobe item?

A spotty dress just because I am obsessed. 

I tag you! Yes you! I didn't get tagged but I thought it would be a good one to do and I love reading posts like this. 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Throwback Series │My first time at Starbucks ♥


Today it's my final Throwback Sunday post! I hope you've enjoyed this series on my blog and your feedback of the series in the comments below would mean a lot! As you know I have had a few series on my blog so far and I enjoy them a lot. I enjoy them and this one has given me a kind of routine as I have posted one every Sunday. I will put all the links to all of my throwback posts below. 

But now...

I need YOU! Yes that's you, you lovely blogger(s) and you will be the decider of my new series that I may have on my blog very soon. - Ideas will be taken in the comments below or if you want to email me then you can - The person who comes up with a new series for my blog and the chosen one will win something - I don't know the prize yet but it will be something. So there you go! 

Today's post is as I say a Throwback one and today I thought I'd share with you my experience of going to Starbucks for the first time in August 2013. 

I got a Strawberries and Cream Frappucino and it was so nice. I do feel like Starbucks is overpriced and wouldn't go to it for my first resource but I think it's a nice meeting place to go for a drink with your friends and at the time I had a meet up with my best friend Emily. They were very friendly but they didn't write my name on the cup - gutted. Then when I sat down and started to drink my frappucino I had to see one of the workers making out with his girlfriend. Fair enough he can do what he want but it was just a tad weird.

So that's my experience of going to Starbucks...

Have you got any experiences of going to Starbucks and what do you normally get?

All my other links in my throwback series:

Friday, 18 July 2014

50 Facts About Me ♥│Get to know me better.

Hola you lovely lot! Today I thought I'd do a 50 facts about me post because you might get to know me a little better rather than just a girl that sits typing behind a computer screen. So here goes! I'd get a cuppa and some biscuits and then sit and relax and have a good read! 

1. My Birthday is 08/10/1998 which makes me currently 15 but 16 in a few months. My star sign is Libra.

2. My last name is the same as the famous beer that you may drink or a family member may drink, if you guess what it is in the comments and you get it right I'll advertise your blog on my blog for a whole month! (One winner will be chosen at random if there is more than one person who gets it right) 

3. I live in a little town that nobody has ever heard of but it's 20 minutes away from Doncaster and it's near Castleford and York. 

4. I have a lot of trust issues and I just can't trust people, I'm a very paranoid person. 

5. I've never had a relationship but that's okay because I'd rather focus on my career. 

6. I love all Disney films, I'm obsessed. My favourites include Beauty & The Beast, The princess and the frog, Cinderella and the black cauldron. 

7. I live with my nana and grandad. 

8. I have a far too many phobias but my worst are probably lifts, clowns and insects. 

9. I love watching documentaries and reality tv. 

10. I became friends with my best friend Emily 3 years ago by twitter and we've been friends ever since. 

11. I have such a bad memory. 

12. I am such a organised person and I have to have a notebook and pen with me at all times. If things aren't organised I get very stressed. 

13. In primary I came 4th in Cross Country and I loved sports day and now I hate sport. 

14. My birthmark is on my arm and when I was little it was bright red and now it's faded but you can still see it. 

15. One afternoon in year 1 this girl and I were fighting over a pair of scissors and this boy was that mad and I think he secretly had a crush on that girl, decided that he was going to get the scissors and cut my hand open and now I have a scar where he did it. 

16. I share the same birthday as Bruno Mars - oooooo yeah!

17. I have never been to a concert. 

18. I'm a very indecisive person. 

19. I have dyed my hair a few colours which include; purple, red and dark brown. 

20. I got a C in GCSE Geography and a D in French (however I am re-taking french this year) 

21. I have 10 siblings but I only see 3 of them. 

22. I'm a bookworm.

23. I love most music minus a few genres. 

24. I'm allergic to cucumbers. 

25. I'm bad at saving money - I blame all the reviews I read! I just can't help it. 

26. I need glasses for reading and looking at things however I never wear them because I feel too embarrassed. 

27. I'm very shy. 

28. I have been teased and bullied most of my school life and I can't wait to leave high school. 

29. I'm against animal testing. 

30. I'd absolutely love to travel to Australia, I'm definitely hoping to go in the near future!

31. For my 18th birthday I plan to go to Disneyland Paris. 

32. I'm obsessed with The Body Shop and Superdrug.

33. My favourite animal is a Giraffe. 

34. I'm obsessed with tea. It's unreal! I drink far too much!

35. I love nude lipsticks. 

36. None of my family call me Megan - I also get called by some kind of nickname. 

37. Certain words make me feel uncomfortable e.g. 'moist' 

38. I can easily cut off people from my life if you hurt me or anyone I love. 

39. In photos I always pull faces because they are just far too funny. 

40. Whenever I'm anxious I start picking at my nails or my lips. I also do this thing where I rub my nose (it's so weird).

41. I have really bad OCD and everything has to be positioned right and has to be organised. 

42. I used to be obsessed with Destiny's child, Steps and S Club 7. 

43.I have been in some school productions which include; High school musical, Bugsy Malone and Hairspray. 

44. I love cats and dogs. 

45. I have autographs from quite a few people such as; Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint (if you want to know anymore just ask).

46. I'm a serious person but I can have a laugh. 

47. Give me crisps over chocolate any day! I don't really like chocolate to be honest. 

48. I know most song lyrics and I try to sing to them even though I can't sing. 

49. Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons.

50. I'm obsessed with polka dots and stripes and floral prints. 

There you have it! There my 50 facts about me! Is there any facts you'd like to share with me? Tell me in the comments below.