Friday, 4 July 2014

Cheerio and Cornflake buns.♥

How is your July going? Today I'm bringing you a fun post or so I think it is. What could be more simpler than cornflake and cheerio buns?

So me and my little brother Alfie who spends majority of his time watching me create yummy things to eat, decided to make these yummy buns. These are probably one of the simplest things I can make.

All you need is:

- Some chocolate of your choice (I used Cadbury's milk chocolate)
- Some cheerios/cornflakes or rice krispies.

What you do is:

- Get a bowl and break up some chocolate.
- Get a pan and put hot water in it.
- Melt the chocolate over the cooker and then take it off the cooker and add your cheerios or whatever you want to add.
- Spoon them into bun cases and put them in the fridge.

and then you can enjoy!

These go down a treat!

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