Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My little Brother - Alfie ♥

Aloha my lovelies!

I know it's a Tuesday which should mean a TAG or a discussion or a week in photos however I have chosen a topic that is very precious to me. However I'd love it if you could suggest in the comments TAGs I can do, or discussions you'd want me to do. 

So as the post suggests by it's title this post is about my little brother Alfie who you have heard of quite a lot on my blog. He is my 4 year old brother who I have no idea how he has got to this age so quickly. It only seems like yesterday since he was born and I was 12 years old at the time. 

So here is my little cutie of a brother along with me. He is the most loveliest and funniest little boy and I'm so proud of him. 

So here we have it my little brother is very posey when it comes to the camera, I mean who can blame him? At least he is photogenic, unlike me. 
And if you thought the photos weren't enough, here have a video of him saying hello to snapchat while having some stew.

So what makes Alfie - Alfie?

- He's funny.
- He's kind.
- He's extremely helpful.
- He gives amazing cuddles.
- He loves baking with me.

The list goes on...

So this post is dedicated to my little brother Alfie who I love to the moon and back.

Do you have a younger or older sibling? What are they like?

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