Friday, 31 January 2014

January Empties ♥│ To buy or not to buy?

Hello my lovelies! It's been such a great start to the year or a great January for me and my blog! I can't believe how many of you are actually interested in my blog and thank you all for following me and leaving comments, they all mean a lot to me! ♥

Anyways it is the end of January today and I thought I'd do an empties post of all the products I have used and how I found them. I've seen a few bloggers doing this post and thought it would be nice if I did one.

This is my tea tree skin clearing lotion I used this when I had blemishes and it worked incredible!
I got this in part of a tea tree set, 2 christmas' ago so it's lasted me this long which is so so good, I'm not quite
sure how much it is to buy but it's totally worth the money. This is from The Body Shop.

This is the Miss Cole collection that I also got 2 christmas' ago as a gift and there is a moisturizer, conditioner and Shampoo. In my opinion  they smell lovely and have a nice texture and lather well. I'm not sure how much these were but they were from Boots.

This is a bottle of planet spa Mediterranean hair oil which I think is very effective to soften your hair although as it is oil it can make your hair quite greasy. I'm not sure where I got this from and what price but if you want silky soft hair then you should give it a go.

I got this styling mousse from my local hairdressers and it was limited edition and it smelled so nice. I got this free and it styled my hair very well and created a great volume however again it made my hair feel a bit greasy.

This is the Asda essential care heat defence conditioning spray which is £2.00 I have had this 2 years and I have only just finished this. It is so conditioning and it smells so good and it protects my hair from my straighteners, hairdryer and wavers so I think this is so worth it's money. 

Sorry for the bad quality of photo but we ended up having a massive downpour in rain and thunder and lightning. This is the Parfume Love You & Me luscious lip balm and it's a raspberry flavour I believe, I have had this for 8 years and have only just discovered it in my draw so obviously I will have to chuck it however I will be keeping the container as I like them to put Hand Cream in so I can have one in my bag on the go. 
Again sorry for the bad quality of photo but we ended up having a massive downpour in rain and thunder and lightning. This is the Parfume Love My Love luscious lip balm and it's a strawberry flavour I believe, I have had this for 8 years and have only just discovered them in my draw so obviously I will have to chuck it however I will be keeping the container as I like them to put Hand Cream in so I can have one in my bag on the go. However when I did use them 8 years ago it was super hydrating.

This is my January empties post done and dusted!

I hope you've enjoyed it!

See you in February! 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

What Does The Fox Say? │ New Look.

What does the fox say?

Hola you absolutely fabulous lot! Well there is only 2 more days of January. It is absolutely insane?! Where has this month gone?! Have you had a good January and what are your plans for fabulous February!

So this post is not about the song - What Does The Fox Say? - It is about the jumper I saw in  New Look! It was £17.99, I didn't buy it but I took a photo because I thought it was cute and funny because of the song.

I love jumpers so much and it felt and looked so cosy!

Now what do you say?

I hope you enjoy the last few days of January! 

Au Revoir! 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

2true Foundation VS Rimmel 25 hour foundation! ♥

Hola my lovely lot!

Today I have a 2true foundation VS Rimmel 25 hour foundation post! Which will give you an idea of what the advantages and disadvantages of the two foundations are.

2True Foundation 

You can get the 2true foundation at Superdrug for £1.99. Buy here

The packaging is very basic and quite dull. I got this foundation in shade 1 as I am extremely pale.
This foundation claims that it is a smooth matte foundation which is oil free and fragrance free.

Back of the packaging.

Left - When rubbed in.
Right - when you apply it.
- It's very cheap.
- Easy to apply.

- It is quite orange
- It is only available in 3/4 shades.
- After about an hour it can look very cakey.
- It increases the oil on my T-zone.
- Packaging is very dull.
- Not very good coverage.

Rating out of 10: 2/10

Rimmel 25 hour foundation 

You can get the Rimmel 25 hour foundation from Superdrug currently for £4.99! Normal price: £7.99. Buy here

Nice bottle and stands out. This foundation claims that it is sweat, heat and humidity
proof for 25 hours.

This bottle has an easy pump dispenser which is so much easier to work with as you only get the
amount you want. 

Left - When you apply it.
Right - When you rub it in.
This foundation is in the shade 100 - IVORY

- Fits my skin colour perfectly
- Good coverage
- Never have to reapply it and on my oily areas (T-zone) it doesn't become oily.
- Nice bottle and stands out.

- Can look darker near the cheekbones/eyes.

Rating out of 10: 9/10

Therefore the Rimmel 25 hour foundation wins.

Thanks for reading this post! 


Monday, 27 January 2014

Indulging in Sweet Treats ♥

Hello my lovelies! 
Today is a bit of a random post for you but I wanted to show you bits and bobs to start the week and hopefully brighten up your Monday! 

So this post is a bit of a sweet tweet...

As it's winter I love to indulge in everything hot; hot baths and especially
hot chocolate. The hot chocolates had marshmallows, squirty cream and chocolate powder. They went
down a treat. 
Even though it's winter I have been able to experience the most beautiful

I went shopping and came across these, the bright packaging really caught my eye and
I had seen them advertised on television. However when I tried one I actually didn't like them, I hated the
texture of them in my mouth and they tasted quite rubbery. I definitely won't be buying these again.

These are another thing I bought when I went shopping, I have seen them before but never tried them.
All I can say is that  I will definitely buying them again. They're so nice for a little pick me up.I also love
the packaging.

I hope this short post goes down a treat!


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Make up and Hair - January School Look│Plaits Plaits Plaits ♥

Hola you lovely lot!

I've been really trying to do as many blog posts as I can for January as I am a new blogger and I only started blogging in the middle of January. It is nearly the end of January can you believe it? It's gone so fast!! It's quite scary.

Anyways I hope you're enjoying my posts and I love you all for following me on bloglovin and Google+ and any other social networking sites! You can follow me by the different buttons at the side! Also your comments mean the world to me! So thank you all! ♥

I have also devised a plan where I take all my photography on a weekend of products so that I can use the hours of daylight productively and they're really the only days that I have daylight for as I have school 8:45am till 3:00pm from Monday to Friday and that gives me time to write up my posts during the week at nighttime! Whoop! Whoop!

However today's post the photos were taken on Wednesday 22nd January as I had a doctors appointment and had 10 minutes spare before going to the doctors and then to school!

I'm kinda babbling so I'm going to explain what the post is about...

I have recently been into Plaits, I don't know why but they look really cute and make lovely natural waves which I love.

I have also come up with 2 different lip options which I love with this look.

No make up and Plaits.

Plaits and Make up on (1st lip option):
- Collection concealer in fair 1 buy here
- Laura Geller Mascara
- Barry M TMLP Lipstick buy here with a Maybelline Baby Lips over the top - Intense Care buy here

Plaits and Make up on (second lip option):
- Collection 2000 concealer in fair 1 buy here
- Laura Geller Mascara
 - MUA Shade 13 Lipstick (on its own) buy here

Plaits and Make up on (second lip option):
- Collection 2000 concealer in fair 1 buy here
- Laura Geller Mascara
- MUA shade 13 Lipstick buy here and Maybelline Baby Lips Intense Care on top. buy here 

Plaits out and hair not brushed through and same make up as listed above.

Hair brushed through + same make up.

Same make up as before and hair brushed.
Coat from Primark - £10.

Another alternative is having your hair to one side.

I hope you like the look I have created, it is very basic as I prefer a natural look for school. Normally I use my Rimmel 25 hour foundation and my Mally make up which you will be getting a review of very soon however I just wanted to use mascara, concealer and lipstick today. Underneath my coat is my boring school uniform and you don't need to see that aha. I feel like the collection 2000 concealer really brightens my face and that is what I need in a morning.

Do you lovely bloggers have any make up recommendations for me? If you do please don't hesitate and comment below! I'd love to buy some new make up to try and test and review! 

I'm going to stop babbling now haha! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and let me know if you have in the comments!

Lots of Love!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Mally Review! ♥

Hello you lovely bloggers and today I will be sharing with you my thoughts and opinions on... Mally Products!

I'm not quite sure if any of you will have heard of the brand Mally but I do know that QVC sell their products and you can also get them on 

For christmas my auntie bought me this...

I'm not quite sure how much this was put I can give you the prices of what is inside individually.
These are the 3 items that you get in that box.

This is the Mally evercolour starlight
waterproof liner -  Price £15.50.

This is the liner without the lid on.

This liner is so good! It is so easy to use and doesn't get all over your face as it is a pencil liner, it is in black and it's waterproof which is a bonus!

The next thing I got was this Mally black mascara, I can't find this on the QVC website so I don't know if it has discontinued or something but it's such a good mascara and makes my lashes feel and look incredible.
I love how the mascara container looks as it is black with
a tiny silver dots going up it. 

The wand is quite a straight wand but it gets to every single lash and the mascara doesn't make
your eyes feel heavy.

The last thing that I got in the package was this amazing Mally eyeshadow palette which again I can't seem to find anywhere. I think the palette is called Radiant Taupe 3.
I absolutely love the packaging of this eyeshadow palette and it's
so good if you're travelling anywhere because it's not too big.

These are the beautiful eyeshadows. Colours from left to right;
eyeshadow base, sandy nude, shimmering taupe and haze. They're all very neutral colours and all
feel like satin when applied. 

This is a photo of the back of the palette.

From Left to Right:
Haze, Shimmering Taupe, Sandy Nude and
Shadow Base.

From the top to bottom:
Shadow Base, Sandy Nude, Shimmering Taupe and Haze.

Overall I love this make up and will definitely be buying again!

Rating out of 10: 9/10

Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Bake Bake Bake! - Baking a chocolate cake with smarties for only £10.90! - Method and Ingredients! ♥

Aloha! Happy Wednesday! How's your week going so far? 

I'm trying to give you a few baking/cooking ideas that you could do for yourself, for family or for an occasion that may be coming up soon! 

So today I thought I'd share with you guys what you need to make a chocolate cake! There will be a few posts on chocolate cakes because I love to make each one different and they have different toppings. 

Ingredients ♥

200g (7 oz) - Self Raising Flour
225g (8 oz) - Caster Sugar
1 x 2.5ml spoon (½ tsp) - Salt
25g (1 oz) - Cocoa powder, sieved.
100g (4 oz) - Margarine
2 medium - eggs
5 x 15 ml spoon (5 tbsp) - Evaporated milk
5 x 15 ml spoon (5 tbsp) - Water.
Smarties (for decoration)
Chocolate (for decoration)

The ingredients should cost you a total of... £10.90! Which is such an amazing price! Below are all the ingredients I use that I have to go out and buy and how much they are from Tesco... (please read the above ingredients list for your cake)

- Cadbury Dairy Milk Fairtrade
(4 bars) - £1.79

Mcdougalls Self Raising Flour 500G - £0.78

Silver Spoon Caster Box 700G - £1.79

Cadbury Fair Trade Bourneville Cocoa 125G - £1.95

Flora Spread Light 500G - £1.80

Tesco Free Range Eggs Medium Box Of 6 - £1.38

Carnation Evaporated Milk 170G - £0.45

Smarties - 4 pack - £1.00

Method ♥
1. Preheat oven to 180ºC, 350ºF, Gas Mark 4.
2. Grease a 20.5 cm (8 inch) tin, which is not loose - bottomed as the mixture will run out.
3. Weigh out all the ingredients.
4. Mix the flour, sugar, salt and cocoa (make sure that the flour, cocoa and sugar have been sieved.)
5. Rub in the margarine.
6. In a cup beat the eggs and add the carnation evaporated milk and water.
7.  Stir in the egg mixture to the dry mixture and beat well.
8. Place the mixture in the tin you have prepared and bake for about 30-35 minutes.
9. Once baked check that the cake is cooked but putting a knife through the middle (if it comes out clean then it is done)
10. Get out the oven with oven gloves and wait to cool.
11. Once cool, melt some of the Cadbury's chocolate in a bowl either over the cooker or in the microwave then apply to the top of the cake. 
12. Finally add the smarties.

Before you put your cake in the oven.

When your cake has come out the oven.


Once it's decorated. I did this for my cousin's 22nd birthday but you can arrange the smarties however the want.

I hope you find this post helpful and thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Giveaway ♥ │Thank you for 100 Followers!

Hello my absolutely fabulous viewers/readers/bloggers!

I can't believe I have reached 100 followers! I know that doesn't seem a lot but to me it is. I only started my blog last week so to have that many is amazing and I don't have enough words to thank you all! I hope that my blog is helpful for you and I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love reading yours. I would also like to thank you all for me reaching 2,204 page views! I love blogging and I am hoping to develop it over these next few months.

You may or may not know but I have recently updated the appearance of my blog by adding some social networking buttons where you can follow me on twitter, instagram, google+ and bloglovin. I appreciate your follows and comments that you leave on my blog posts and when you share my posts! Much love to you all wherever you may be in the world! ♥

As a little thank you, I want to give you all a giveaway!

It's not much but the giveaway will be where you can choose 3 MUA lipsticks of your choice.


◄ Do everything that it says in the Rafflecopter. ►
◄ It is an international giveaway. ►
◄ It will start today and end on the 20/02/14 ►
◄ The winner will be contacted the same day and if they don't reply within 48 hours then a new winner
will be picked. ►

I hope you continue to have a fabulous week and don't forget to spread the word about this competition and follow me on bloglovin.

Toodledoo and Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 20 January 2014

The Blogger Programme ♥

Hello you lovely lot and if you haven't already guessed this post is about The Blogger Programme.

The Blogger Programme is a website where brands and bloggers can interact. It's such a good idea and a great website and I love it. 

Once You've signed in, this screen will show and I love the colour scheme of the website. The white - clean, professional
and fresh and the orange gives it a nice vibrant look.

As you can see this is my profile on the website and you can find me by searching 'theperksofmeg' or 'meganreanne_'

Here you can see is where you can search for a brand or blogger.

These are the brand new additions to the website.

These are the latest bloggers.
 My favourite brand signed up is probably as I love their website and adverts on TV.

I feel that The Blogger Programme is such a good website and if you haven't already:

- Sign up for it:
- Like them on their facebook:
- Follow them on their twitter:

Thank you for reading this post and don't forget to do the above!