Monday, 20 January 2014

The Blogger Programme ♥

Hello you lovely lot and if you haven't already guessed this post is about The Blogger Programme.

The Blogger Programme is a website where brands and bloggers can interact. It's such a good idea and a great website and I love it. 

Once You've signed in, this screen will show and I love the colour scheme of the website. The white - clean, professional
and fresh and the orange gives it a nice vibrant look.

As you can see this is my profile on the website and you can find me by searching 'theperksofmeg' or 'meganreanne_'

Here you can see is where you can search for a brand or blogger.

These are the brand new additions to the website.

These are the latest bloggers.
 My favourite brand signed up is probably as I love their website and adverts on TV.

I feel that The Blogger Programme is such a good website and if you haven't already:

- Sign up for it:
- Like them on their facebook:
- Follow them on their twitter:

Thank you for reading this post and don't forget to do the above! 

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