Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tesco Haul.

So, I have another haul for you all. This haul was a small haul but nevertheless, I had to do it. Now, I bought these items back in August (2015) for college. In September I started college and so I thought I would make the most of the sales and offers and so I went to Tesco and got lots of cheap stationery pieces. I did buy these all in my local Tesco store, so I've tried my best to link to them online but the items may be slightly different.

So what did I buy?
  • Handy 160 lined paged notebook - This will come in handy (See what I did there!) when I need to jot down some notes about my course or deadlines etc. I love notebooks and own far too many but there's definitely no harm in getting another one! I got this on sale for £0.50p! Such a bargain! I couldn't find a link to one on their own but you can get a 5 pack of them for a bargain price of £2.50! If you want the 5 pack, click here.
  • Clear Pencil Case - This again always comes in handy. I actually went back to Tesco and bought 5 more! I have decided that instead of having my fine liners and colouring pencils loose in a tray, I want them in separate clear pencil cases, so that's what I've done. I originally bought this clear pencil case for my colouring crayons and just keep them at home but because they are in a pencil case, if I ever need them for college etc they are travel friendly. I got it for £0.50p again, so it's definitely not breaking the bank and they are so useful!

  • Tippex Correction Fluid - Judge me if you like but I have never owned any Tippex until now. I decided to take the plunge and buy some, as I am always making mistakes and then I end up getting mad and crossing it out (or scribbling it out , in my case!) so this will prevent me from scribbling and it will make my work look much neater. This got reduced twice and I managed to pick it up for a bargain price of £0.75p!
So that is my Tesco Haul! I hope you've enjoyed it! I know it was only a small haul and that I only spent £1.75 but I thought I would share it nevertheless.

What stationery have you been buying?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Ebay Haul.

I have yet another Haul for you today. I really hope you're enjoying my 'January Hauls'. So today's haul is an Ebay Haul. I am always shopping on Ebay and so I thought I'd do a collective haul. The reason why they have different covers etc and are not in one big photo is because they all arrived at different times.
One of the purchases that I made was a Giraffe Phone Case. I got a new phone and so, because I got a new phone, I had to get a new phone case. I'm not sure if you saw my other phone case on my iPhone 4 but that too had hand painted Giraffes on it and it was rather cute. So sticking with the Giraffe theme, I got a new one and I absolutely love it. It came later than it was estimated but what can you do. I would have maybe liked it to be a hard case rather than a rubber one but it's a good case and so I can't complain. I bought it for £2.29. You can probably get it cheaper but I wanted it pretty much straight away and so I didn't want one from China and so I got it from a UK seller. The seller has different patterns on the cases but I went for the Giraffe one.

Before I ordered my iPhone 5, I ordered a Charger Case for my iPhone 4. I'm forever out and about and so I wanted a charger case so that I could charge my phone while I was out. It arrived late to start with and then my iPhone 4 didn't fit in it properly and so it's basically no good. Now that I have my iPhone 5, it's definitely no good. So I was really disappointed with the product. I paid £3.54 for this and it didn't even fit properly. Okay, so £3.54 isn't very much, but for a product that doesn't fit it's purpose? It's a waste of good money, that I could have put towards something else. So unfortunately this product went in the bin.

Another item that came the same day as my Charger Case for my iPhone 4 was my Perfume Atomizer. I've seen so many Bloggers and Youtubers with the Travalo ones and so I decided to just get a 5ml Perfume Atomizer. At first, I was really disappointed. Okay, so it was only $0.99 but for whatever money you pay for an item, it should work. Basically when I first got it, I couldn't get anything off it, like the black thing around it (It just wouldn't come off) and so I couldn't use it because I couldn't get any perfume into it). I was so tempt to put it in the bin but I decided to have another go and managed to get the black thing off. It's still really awkward as you have to spray the perfume into the bottle instead of pumping it in like you do with the Travalo but it's a cheaper alternative and it'll do the job.

I then purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection. These brushes are probably the most talked about brushes in both the blogosphere and on YouTube and I've never given into the hype. They are in my opinion overpriced. I managed to get the Real Techniques Core Collection for $11.97 which in GBP works out at £7.67. I saved £13.32! I haven't bought them before, just because of the price. Call me tight but to me make up brushes do the same thing no matter what brushes you buy. Some are just better quality. Sadly, the Ebay user that I bought these off doesn't have them listed anymore. They came all the way from China, so I did have to wait a while for them but they are great. I have to admit, my make up looked amazing once I'd used these brushes, so I suppose they are worth the investment. There are some really good dupes on Ebay though, so I definitely think I'll go for them if I want to get some more brushes.

On the topic of make up brushes, I did get some more. These are just Ebay brushes and they came as a 10pc. They aren't the best brushes I've ever used, but they are good. They are super soft too. I only paid £4.90 for them, so I'm definitely not complaining. If you are just starting out in make up - these could be good for you.

As well as some new make up brushes, I decided to get a make up sponge. This is meant to be a 'dupe' for the Beauty Blender. I have never actually tried the Beauty Blender but I thought I'd at least try this one. It's quite good, it's not perfect but it does a good job at blending in your foundation and concealer. For me this product (because it is a sponge) never cleans properly and so once it goes all grubby, it's time to bin it. I only paid $0.99 which worked out at £0.49! Yes, that is correct, £0.49p! Such a bargain!
I then bought a new iPhone 5 USB Cable because the one that I got with my iPhone 5 was actually faulty and didn't work when I got it, which was highly disappointed. So I managed to get a new one for £0.99! Okay so it's not an Apple one but nevertheless if it charges my phone that's all that matters to me. It does charge my phone and I am very happy with it.
The last thing I purchased on Ebay was a 11" laptop sleeve. Now I used to have a pink laptop case with a zip which I loved but sadly my old laptop broke and the case went with it. I since then got a new laptop and had to get a new case and this is what I got. It's not the nicest thing but it protects my laptop and so that's all that matters. It was £2.56. So it again, isn't going to break the bank and it's useful because I needed one.
So that's my Ebay Haul. I hope you've enjoyed this post.
Have you been buying things on Ebay recently?

Thursday, 21 January 2016

New Look Haul.

I hope you are enjoying all the January Hauls I have done so far. I really enjoy reading Haul posts and so hopefully you do too. So today's Haul is from New Look. It's not massive in the slightest. I only got 2 items and can you really call it a 'Haul' if you've only picked up 2 items? Well I am. I actually bought these last year when New Look was having a 60% off sale and knew I couldn't resist and I had been browsing for a new outfit and that's when I came across the items I did. I collected them in-store rather than paying for delivery too.

 So the first item I put in my basket were shoes. These are the 'Black Leather Strappy Chunky Platform Heels'.What a surprise. I absolutely love shoes and especially platform shoes. I'm really into them and have noticed that I am so used to them, that I hate wearing flat shoes now. So I bought these. At first I was undecided on whether I liked them. I'd been wanting a pair of shoes like this for quite a while but none of them had taken my fancy and so after a while of deliberating, I decided to purchase them. They should have been £39.99 but I got them for £17.00. Such a bargain considering they are real leather. They are quite high but I've worn them to lots of parties and to a wedding and they are my go-to go out pair of shoes.

 Great photo angle there Megan. Although it's not a very good angle, I just thought I'd insert a photo of them on my feet (or in this case my foot) so you can see how the shoes look, when they are being worn. These are a size 6 for anyone who was wondering. Although they are quite high, they are super comfy and pretty much go with any outfit.

The other item I purchased was the 'Black Wrap Front Bardot Neck Crop Top'. I was going to buy a skort to wear with it but sadly this had to be returned. It was a size 10 for anyone wondering. It was awful. It showed too much 'flesh' in my eyes. I get that it's a crop top. But when I put it on, the wrap bit, didn't wrap over properly, so there were gaps and I don't really like flashing bare skin. I don't really know why I bought this in the first place. I was going for the Olivia Newton-John look from Grease when she has the on the shoulders top on but that just didn't become a reality for me. It should have been £6.99 but it went down to £3.00. As I say it had to be returned and I got my money back. The 'bardot' top was very in fashion last summer and sadly, this one in particular, just didn't suit me.

So that's everything that I got from New Look. I really hope you enjoyed this small Haul.
Have you purchased anything from New Look recently?

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Primark Haul

So another haul is upon us and it just happens to be my Primark Haul and surprisingly I actually bought quite a lot of stuff. Some items you may find absolutely boring but some you might like and so I thought I'd share it all with you.

First things first, I needed some new socks and tights and so although many people think they are such a boring purchase and I'll admit, it's not the most exciting, it's just one of those purchases we have to do. So I got a 5 pack of patterned socks for £2.80 - total bargain right there. I got a pair of tights for £2.50 and a 3 pack of tights for £3.90 - Now don't ask me what I was thinking when I bought the different tights but there's something different about them both and I think I got both because one is slightly thicker? Who knows but anyway I have some essential socks and tights back in my collection.

Again another pretty standard purchase for me is some cotton leggings and these are the extra long ones and they are absolutely great. I find with most leggings that I buy they either shrink in the wash and end up being half way up my leg (not a good look!) or they are so see-through but I've found these cotton leggings to be actually quite good and it's the first time I've bought some from Primark and the best thing, they were only £3!

Now if you now me well enough by now, you'll know that since May last year I've really been into capes and blankets and clothing items like that, where I can simply just put them on and go and they look super stylish. Although not always great for the winter months, on mild days or quick visits, it's alright to go about in. So I discovered this Aztec tassel blanket and it was £14. So okay it wasn't as cheap as my cape but it's still a lovely item which looks great with anything.

Next I got a turtle neck jumper because my love for turtle neck things grows day by day. I love turtle neck clothing and this jumper doesn't fail to disappoint. I love the colour and the style and it's warm and for £12, I just couldn't resist buying it. I don't have that many jumpers in my collection and so this is the perfect edition.

Next I again got this pretty standard polycotton vest which I bought just because I can wear it under other clothes and it's a good piece for layering and at only £1.80 it's a bargain. It's a burgundy colour but it will go with most things.

Again I got another Polycotton vest but this time in a navy blue colour - again I bought this just to put underneath clothes as it is a good piece for layering and this happened to only be £1.00.

Then my last two items were these stripy long sleeved stretch tops and one is a cream colour with blue stripes and one is white with red stripes and they are the comfiest tops I've owned. They are super soft, so comfy and they even keep you warm. I remembered from the last time I bought some Primark long sleeved tops that I really loved them and so I was delighted to pick up these and they were £4 each. These will be a perfect winter essential for me and I'm sure I'll go back and get some more.
So that's everything I got from Primark, what is your favourite item that I got?

Sunday, 17 January 2016

H&M Haul.

So here we are again, another haul as part of my 'January Hauls' series on my blog and I'm not really sure I can even call this a haul considering I bought two items but I wanted to show you them so without further a do I shall show you them.
So I wanted to brighten up my wardrobe a little and I'd seen so many people wearing these style of trousers that I just couldn't resist buying myself a pair. Now I have to be honest, I have to feel mighty daring to go out the house in these because I'm not really sure if they suit me (I'll have a fashion post up sometime soon and I'll wear these so do let me know!) but I bought them because they are stylish and comfy and I like how they are different. They have elastic at the bottom too which means they won't roll up your leg which for me is a win. This pair of patterned trousers came in at £12.99 and so I thought the price wasn't too bad and so these are my first H&M purchase.

Now onto my second item that I purchased, oh you've guessed, another pair of trousers. Now if you can't already tell, I obviously needed some more trousers but these again are very daring and very out of my comfort zone. These were so hard to photograph because the pattern literally looks different from every angle but these are some new trousers. Now I'm not a fashion expert by any means and so I'd like to describe these as cigarette type trousers but I could be completely making that up so if it's wrong, I'm sorry. These give a bit more colour to my wardrobe as they are navy blue and again I've managed  wear these a few times but more fashion posts with these in are due to come. This pair of trousers were £24.99 and I honestly couldn't believe it because I've never paid that much money for a pair of trousers in my life but they are unique and quirky and really good quality and so they are worth the money.
So that's everything I bought from H&M and do let me know your opinions on these trousers in the comments!

Friday, 15 January 2016

The Perks Of Meg turns 2!

I honestly cannot believe I'm sat writing this post and I cannot tell you how excited I am and how thankful I am for every single person that has ever read my blog or left me a comment or even followed my blog. Never in a million years did I think anyone would want to read my thoughts and feelings but it turns out I actually do have people who come and read my blog and I just want to thank you because it really means a lot to me. Usually with most hobbies that I start, I tend to get bored and then that's it, I never go back to it after a couple of months and that's why I cannot believe I've been blogging for 2 years! I must admit at times it's been so hard and at times I've had to leave my blog to focus on my exams and even college deadlines. Since starting college in September I've never had so much work to do in all my life and it's seriously tiring and so for that I'm sorry because I haven't been able to write the content I've been wanting to write but hopefully I will be even more organised this year and so hopefully I'll be able to keep on top of it. I really hope you all continue to enjoy The Perks Of Meg and I have some exciting collaborations and posts to come your way and believe it or not I do have a giveaway planned but that won't begin until the 4th February but do keep your eyes peeled!
This was just another quick post just so that I can thank you all for your support and I cannot wait to get back into the blogger chats this year because I've really missed them!
So here's to another year! Thank YOU so much!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Amazon Haul.

So as I mentioned in my last blog post, I'm doing a 'January Hauls' series on my blog and today is the day that it all starts and I know this haul isn't going to interest many people but I like stationery and practical items that I can use for college or in my placement and so this is why I bought these.  

Stabilo Point 88 Fineliner Wallet 30 - Stabilo fineliners have honestly changed my life and I really wouldn't be without them. I first discovered the fineliners 2 years ago when I bought them when they were on offer when I went to Scotland but I didn't start using them till last year when I had my exams and by the time my exams were over I'd used them all up and so I decided that for college I would get some more and so that's exactly what I did. I actually paid £12.19 but they are still on offer for £12.22 which is amazing considering they should cost £39.24 and so they are well worth the money and I couldn't recommend these more.

Q Connect Easi Peel Address Label (Roll of 200) -  Then I decided to get some labels because you never know when you might need a label, I organise my draws and boxes and stationery all the time and so labels do come in handy. These labels are good for if I'm sending any letters or parcels to anyone or for general labels on my college work and I only paid £0.93 for a roll of 200 but they are now £2.70 but these are definitely useful.

A4 Dry Wipe Magnetic Whiteboard Mini Office Notice Memo White Board Pen & Eraser - I have to admit I still doubt myself as to why I bought this whiteboard but I definitely think it will come in handy if I need to do a mind map or I might even need it for placement and I paid £1.84 for it and so I really didn't think it was too bad and it's now £2.61.

5 Star Paperclips Metal Large 33mm Plain [Pack of 100] -  The final thing I purchased was some paperclips because I always seem to be clipping things together and then losing the paperclips and so I wanted to make sure I had a whole stash of them and now I do. Although again it's a rather boring purchase, these will be useful to me. I paid £1.07 for these and they are now £1.31.

So that's everything I purchased from Amazon, although not very exciting they are practical items and so I thought I'd still share them with you!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

January Hauls.

So it's January and what better way to kick off this month with a new series, now the photo above is not related in the slightest to the new series but I really love the photo and so I thought it would look nice with this short but sweet post. Now I have decided to do a 'January Hauls' series on my blog this month and this will mean that you lovely readers will get to see 6 hauls, now I'm not sure if you'll even class some of them as hauls as some of them only have a few items but they're just things I've bought and thought I'd just break it all down. You will see hauls from Amazon, New Look, Primark, Ebay, H&M and Tesco!

I love reading and watching on YouTube different hauls and so I thought why not do a January hauls series on my blog because after all we are all a little nosey and like to see what other people have bought.

I hope you're all having a lovely January so far!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

*LURK Review.

I've wanted to try some new perfumes for a while now and LURK very kindly sent me some samples of their Eau De Toilettes and Perfume Oils. Now I have to admit, I've never tried perfume oils before, so I was unsure of whether I would like them. As far as perfumes go, I like fruity and floral scents as well as fresh scents. I wasn't quite sure how I'd feel about the scents of both the Eau De Toilettes and the Perfume Oils and I am terrible at describing them, so all the information below is from LURK. They explain what each Perfume Oil and Eau De Toilette smells like perfectly and then at the end, I will share with you my thoughts on each Eau De Toilette and Perfume Oil.

LURK Eau De Toilettes

"Our 100% Natural Eau De Toilettes are available in two scents. BS003 and RSW005. Both represent complex translations from our oil base formulations. Beautifully executing the sophistication, complexity and living qualities of the oils and scents that LURK is known for."


Dry woods mix with crisp citrus notes and sweet bergamot product this effervescent yet balanced fragrance. Androgynous and fresh, this scent is beautifully suited for men and women alike and moves between seasons seamlessly.

$185 30ml. Works out at £118.68 in GBP.


Warm sandalwood and earthy rose product this androgynous scent. Smooth with a crisp citrus finish, this is an essential scent to slake even the most parches perfume palette. Deep sandalwood notes intertwine with fresh rose, never cloying and surprisingly vibrant.

$225 30ml. Works out at £144.30 in GBP.

All LURK fragrances are free from synthetics, fixatives, parabens, phthalates, GMO's, chemical preservatives and denatured alcohol.

LURK Essential/Perfume Oils

LURK is 100% Pure essential oils with no additives, synthetics, compounds, fixatives, chemical preservatives, GMO's, phthalates or parabens.

"LURK perfume oils are hand blended using only pure essential oils in a base of USDA organic jojoba. No water or alcohol is used in our perfume oil concentrates. In keeping with our desire to provide the purest product possible we do not use chemical preservatives, stabilizers or additives and use only the purest essential oils and botanical essences that are organic, sustainable, wild crafted, CO2 extracted and hexane free. Inspired by a long time passion for sustainable living, eco beauty & the power of essential oils and botanical essences, LURK was created to develop luxury perfumes for the modern organic lifestyle."

"We painstakingly compound each scent using only organic, sustainable and wild crafted oils & hexane free absolutes to guarantee purity and luxury. Our oils and raw materials are verified by a variety of processes from gas chromatography to USDA organic certification. We create the purest products possible that evoke sophistication and provide for a beautiful experience."

"Our creations contain none of the synthetics or chemicals associated with mainstream perfumery and we do not use oils that are diluted, engineered or fractionated. We are uncompromising in our methods and in our commitment to sustaining the living quality of our oils. This strict adherence to our standards has yielded ground breaking luxury organic fragrances that demonstrate complexity, relevance and depth."

"We hold our production and packaging to the highest eco-standards, which includes recycled, recyclable and reusable packaging, wind-powered printing with environmentally friendly inks, FSC certified paper stock, and a supply and production chain that uses renewable energy."

LURK Perfume Oils transcend Gender, Age, Race, Attitude and Affliction.

Perfume Oils 1/8th oz $55. Works out at £35.29 in GBP.


Notes of cedarwood, tuberose and sweet rose come together with a hint of spice to produce this slightly viscous yet subtle scent.


Dry woods mix with crisp citrus notes and sweet bergamot to product this effervescent yet balanced fragrance.


Sultry florals blend seamlessly into a base of resinous black pepper. An antidote for the fragrance jaded.


Warm sandalwood and earthy rose product this androgynous scent. Smooth with a crisp citrus finish. An essential scent to slake even the most parches perfume palette.


Expansive layers of jasmine and rose with fresh petitgrain. Raw, unrefined, possibly debaucherous definitely pleasing.


Seductive notes of Ambrette seed intertwine with warming black balsam and succulent florals to product this vibrant, feral blend. Distinctive, sensual and surprisingly fresh.


This delicate blend of deeply complex notes incorporates heady Pink Lotus with Owyhee, fresh citrus, warm sandalwood and creamy Tuberose to create this unique, earthy floral. Instantly addictive and engaging.


Rich notes of tobacco meld seamlessly into a transcendent blend of Neroli, Bulgarian rose and lavender blossom. An intoxicating infusion that is densely layered yet never heavy. 

So what did I think?

RSW005 (Eau de toilette) - I really didn't like this scent, it just didn't suit me and it's not what I'm used to.

BS003 (Eau de toilette) - I really liked this scent, I think it's because it has citrus notes in it and so it smells fresh.

ASO1 (Perfume Oil) - I didn't like this perfume oil, the scent just wasn't my cup of tea.

BS003 (Perfume Oil) - Again, like the eau de toilette, I really liked this scent.

TBPV1 (Perfume Oil) - I liked this perfume oil, I think it's because it's florally.

RSW005 (Perfume Oil) - Again, like the eau de toilette, I just don't like the scent.

PRJV1 (Perfume Oil) - I absolutely loved this perfume oil, this was definitely my favourite, again, very floral and fresh.

BB11 (Perfume Oil) - I didn't like this perfume oil, I didn't like the scent.

NSTV7 (Perfume Oil) - I liked this perfume oil and I found the scent okay.

TRNV4 (Perfume Oil) - I didn't like this perfume oil, I think it's because it has rich notes of tobacco in it and that just doesn't appeal to my senses.

Overall thoughts?

My overall thoughts are that I liked the scent BS003 in both the Eau De Toilette and the Perfume Oil and my favourite perfume oil out of the collection was PRJV1. As far as perfume oils go, they aren't my favourite things to use. I find them to be a lot messier and they make my skin slightly greasy (Duh, Megan, it's Oil!) but that is to be expected. The perfume oils did last longer on my skin, which is what I like about them but overall I don't think I'll be rushing back to buy any of the Eau De Toilettes or the Perfume Oils. The Eau De Toilettes and Perfume Oils are quite expensive for me personally, many people may think they aren't over priced but for me, they don't really fit in my budget.

You can buy the LURK Eau De Toilettes and Perfume Oils on the LURK website.

Have you tried any products from LURK? What's your opinions on Perfume Oils?

*DISCLAIMER: These products were sent for review purposes only. This does not in any way influence my opinions and views on these products. My views and opinions are 100% honest.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Revescent Haul + Review

Today's post is all about the company Revescent and today I'll be doing a haul and a review all in one. Revescent is a trusted online retailer of safe, toxin-free personal care products and cosmetics that are better for both your health and your beauty. I have to start off by saying a huge thank you to Rebeckah for sorting all the issues I had regarding customs etc and for sending me these lovely products. I received the *Agent Nateur N°3 Deodorant and the *Today Moisturizing Serum for Causemetics. Rebeckah also kindly sent me some samples of some other products to try out too.

So firstly I think I will talk about the *Agent Nateur no.3 deodorant holi(stick) which is organic and you get 30ml. No.3 deodorant is both holi (stick) and organic. It is handmade in Los Angeles with love and non-toxic, cruelty free ingredients that you can actually eat (although you shouldn't eat deodorant). When I first received this product I was really intrigued as I've never actually had a deodorant like it. Normally they are just roll ons and are in liquid form rather than a stick but I really loved the idea. I loved how it was organic and you got a considerable amount of product too. For 30ml this product is $11 which works out at £7.57 which is pretty expensive for a deodorant considering in the UK most deodorants are only £1. I really loved the idea behind this deodorant but unfortunately the product gave my under arms a bad reaction and so after using it for a week I had to stop as it was making my under arms so sore and inflamed. This might just be my body personally but overall I loved the concept of it, it's very travel friendly and it comes in a lovely little pouch but unfortunately this product was just no good for me.

Next I will talk about the *Today Moisturizing Serum for Causemetics by Cocoon Apothecary which is also available on Revescent. I love trying new serums and in 2015, I definitely experimented a lot more and explored the world of serums and this was definitely an interesting one. In winter especially I suffer with dry patches and so this serum is perfect for when I have dry patches as it is a moisturising serum. However, when my skin doesn't have dry patches and is combination, I tend to find that this serum is just too oily and greasy on my skin and tends to lead me to break out and so I can only really use this serum on my dry patches and when I have them. However I love that when you buy the serum $10 from the serum helps women with breast cancer to pay for their next meal. I am all for supporting people in need and so this is a lovely thought and I really love it. For me personally, this product was very hit and miss, it doesn't look like the most pleasant serum in the world and definitely doesn't smell nice but it does work on my dry patches. For 60ml, this product is $44 which is £30.30, so again it's definitely not the cheapest of products. I personally wouldn't buy this serum again because my skin doesn't always need it but I would suggest to really check this product out if you have dry to really dry skin and this will definitely moisturise it.

Then Rebeckah kindly sent me some other samples to try and I was able to try the *Ancient Mud Mask by Cocoon Apothecary, *Rosehip Oil Serum by Cocoon Apothecary and the *Honestly Phresh Phree Unscented Deodorant. None of these samples really made me go 'wow' but I did love the pots and containers they came in. The Ancient Mud Mask by Cocoon Apothecary was a little too drying for my skin and it didn't make my skin feel very nice at all and I found that this product dries up really fast too. The Rosehip Oil Serum by Cocoon Apothecary was probably the best of the samples and my skin actually really liked this product and the Honestly Phresh Phree Unscented Deodorant was again nothing really that special. I was a little cautious of using this as it is the exact same formula as the Agent Nateur one but it didn't seem to irritate my under arms.

I really enjoyed trying out new products that I would have never thought to have bought and although I didn't necessarily love them, they weren't horrible products either and as I always say, what might work for me, might not work for you and what doesn't work for me, might work for you and so really it just depends on you.

Revescent have currently got some offers on and so I thought I would share them with you. The first offer is if you purchase two 1.7 oz Agent Natuer deodorants, a free 1.1 oz size will be included and the second offer is any order $150 (£103.30) or higher will get a free Cocoon Apothecary Skincare Starter Set.

Revescent have also kindly given me a discount code for all you lovely readers which will give you 10% off on the website and all you have to do is use the code 'theperksofmeg'

Again, I would like to say a massive thank you to Rebeckah!

Have you tried Revescent before?
*DISCLAIMER: These products were sent for review purposes only. My opinions and views are my own and are 100% honest.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Brand Review: Botanicals.

Throughout 2015, I discovered some amazing brands and I definitely think Botanicals is one of them. Botanicals is an award-winning natural organics skincare company and I am trying to get into more natural and organic skincare because nobody likes harsh chemicals on their skin. The reason I haven't yet featured them on my blog until today is because I have been busy testing a few of their products and thought I would put the products in one post and do one whole 'brand review'. So without blabbing on like I usually do, if you want to know my thoughts on the products, carry on reading.
So the first product I have been testing out is the *Botanicals Radiance Serum which has white grape and avocado in it. This serum is for healthy and radiant skin and so I was expecting quite a lot from this serum. The serum itself smells quite pleasant and the formula is very thin. When I kept applying this to my skin, it felt fine and I left it to sink in each time but I found that once it had been on my skin for a while, my face would feel really greasy and this product actually made my skin breakout. I have combination/oily skin and so if you have a different skin type this product may work a lot better for you but for mine personally, it just didn't suit it. I absolutely love the packaging of this product though. At £25.95 for 30ml it's not the cheapest of skin care but for a serum I don't think it's too bad.

The next product I have been testing out is the *Botanicals Cleansing Melt and this has mandarin and chamomile in it. This is one of the nicest cleansers I have used on my skin and I absolutely love it. It melts make up away like a dream and I have mostly been using this just to cleanse my skin on a morning and night with my Magnitone Lucid. I apply a little amount of this to my Magnitone Lucid every morning and night and cleanse my face with it and it smells lovely. Most cleansers actually tend to strip my skin but this one surprised me as it didn't. What I love about this product is that it not only cleansed my skin but it left it feeling hydrated and nourished each time I used it. I definitely could see a difference in my skin after using this rather than my Clinique Cleansing Mousse. This cleanser was perfect for my skin type and I love using it. This is £18.95 for 55g, so again it's not the cheapest on the market but it does a really good job and I love having it in my routine. I love how it's natural and overall I couldn't say more good things about this product.
So as you can see I have a mixed review today but I absolutely love Botanicals and if you love natural and organic products then you should definitely check out their website here.
Have you tried anything from Botanicals?
*DISCLAIMER: These products were sent for review purposes only. This does not in any way influence my opinions or views. All my views and opinions are 100% honest.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Favourite Discoveries of 2015.

So it's a new year and 2015 went within a blink of an eye but along the way I did discover some products, accessories and tools that have fast become my favourite things to use or wear. Now I will admit most of the products/items in this post are PR samples and I am in no way bragging about them but if I hadn't received these lovely products in the post then I wouldn't have discovered them otherwise and so I am very grateful to all the brands and PRs that have kindly sent me products that I have tested and absolutely love.

So the first discovery tools wise that I discovered was the Real Techniques Core Collection. Now I know these are nothing new to anyone else as these brushes were so popular before I even decided to buy them and they are still very popular today but I'd been so indecisive about these brushes but I finally gave in to the 'hype' and bought some and I've never looked back since. They are such good quality and they are so soft on the skin. My base make up looks flawless when I use them and I couldn't recommend them more. These retail at £21.99 - so although not the cheapest of brushes, if you want to treat yourself to a new set of brushes, these are the ones I definitely would.

The next discovery tools wise, I was a little bit sceptical to try. When Derma V10 contacted me and asked me if I would like to try their *make-off mitt, I was a bit like 'it's obviously not going to work' but I decided that I would like to try it anyway because somethings pleasantly surprise you and this product definitely did that for me. It is so soft and gentle on the skin and all you have to do is add water. It even removed my mascara and I just thought it was brilliant to be honest. I would happily repurchase this product again and again. The price tag for this very simple product is only £1 and I think it's a bargain to say it removes your make up in a matter of minutes. All you need is the mitt and some luke warm water and you're good to go. I even went over my skin with a cotton pad and micellar water and there were literally no traces left. I was completed surprised with this product but it makes make up removal so much easier and it's perfect for if you are on the go. After I'd used this product I simply cleaned it with my Clinique cleanser and it's good to go for the next make up removal session.
Now I'm really not one for haircare, I wash my hair and condition my hair but I don't really look after my hair as well as I probably should. However Media Hubb kindly sent me the *DGJ Organics Argan Oil and it's literally changed my hairs life or should I say the ends of my hair. I now have short hair but when I had shoulder length hair my ends were really dry and this product was my haircare saviour. I have to admit the formula is a little sticky and so it might not be to everyone taste but once it's in your hair and you blow dry it out, it feels so soft and it's like all your dry, damaged ends are gone. Now there are a few ways you can apply this product in your hair but my personal preference is to put it in the ends to the mid-length of my hair while it is wet once I have just washed it and then I blow dry my hair and that is all I do. It kept my hair feeling soft and not dry for at least 2 weeks and that was after only using it once. It's really good and I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future although you don't need a lot so I think this will last me a long time. I'm normally not a fan of hair oils especially because my hair is greasy but this is lovely and it smells good too. It's £7.99 which I think is also a very reasonable price.

The next product is for your bath and it's a bath oil by Beatitude and it's literally my favourite bath oil that I've ever used to date. I usually have to be careful with bath oils because my skin seems to hate oils and normally breaks out into a rash but I've been lucky with this bath oil because it hasn't broke me out into any rash and it has such a beautiful scent. Beatitude Luxury Aromatherapy Bath Oils are 100% natural and have been developed by British aromatherapist Rebecca O'Connor. This beautiful bath oil disperses in the water and avoids any greasy feeling and leaves your skin feeling silky and nourished. The Patience bath oil  is to invigorate and warm, this rejuvenating herbal and therapeutic aroma soothes away lingering muscular fatigue and untangles everyday aches and pains. The body is also detoxed with essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender, Ginger and Juniper Berry while skin is nurtured with the oils of Oat, Camellia and Peach Kernel. To use this oil, I simply pour 5ml (1 tsp) into running water and I'm good to go. I was kindly sent the *Patience Bath Oil which is the 50ml version which means I can enjoy 10 baths with it and so far I've enjoyed 8 baths out of it. When I use this bath oil I can smell it around the house for at least 6 hours after I've used it and I absolutely love it. It's a little on the pricey side at £25 for 50ml or £40 for 100ml but if you're looking for a luxurious bath treat for yourself or someone else, I really don't think you'll regret it.

The next products are by Ruth Romano I absolutely love them. In 2015 I discovered the company Ruth Romano and she kindly sent me her  *Lemongrass mini handcrafted natural soap and her *lime natural lip balm. So firstly I tried the *Lemongrass mini handcrafted natural soap which is a natural olive oil and shea butter based soap with the fragrance of lemongrass. Now I have to be honest lemongrass isn't my favourite scent and so it didn't really appeal to me in that sense but the quality of the soap was good. As the soap has shea butter in it, it has a very soft and almost milky texture but it was a nice little addition to my bathroom. I know a soap is a soap but this one was just a little more nourishing for my skin. The soap is £1.50 which may be a little expensive for some people but I think it's totally worth it as it lasted at least 2 months. Then the next product that really impressed me was the *lime natural lip balm and this is such a lovely consistency. Yes you have to put your finger in the pot which I know doesn't appeal to everyone but I really liked how it nourished my lips without feeling sticky or felt like I had too much on. I love how it's natural and I would definitely repurchase this. This lip balm is £3.95 so it's certainly not the cheapest of lip balms but again it's natural and I really love how I can fit it into my bag and I've used this product lots and there's still so much product left.

Now the next 3 products aren't cosmetics but they are still products but these just happen to be edible. Now I first mentioned these in my College Staples post which you can read here and I said that I would do a full review but after consuming all 3 products from Peppersmith, I decided that I would just feature them in this post instead because there are only a certain amount of things you can say about mints and chewing gum. So Peppersmith kindly sent me their *100% xylitol Peppermint mints, *100% xylitol Sicilian Lemon and Peppermint mints and *100% xylitol Peppermint chewing gum. Now I have to admit, I love how travel friendly they are and I love how they are meant to reduce plague and freshen breath but after using all of the products, I have to say, not all of them are my favourite. The *Sicilian Lemon and Peppermint mints were a little odd tasting and I have to admit were my least favourite and the *Peppermint mints were so strong but if you like strong mints then these could be for you. My favourite product out of the lot was the *Peppermint chewing gum and I would repurchase this in the future. Although the mints weren't a hit with me personally, I did really like the chewing gum, it's sugar free and it's meant to have a few benefits that maybe other chewing gums don't have and the chewing gum is travel friendly and the packaging is great and that is why I have featured them in this post because although I didn't like the mints, I did find something that I kept reaching for.

Now in summer I was kindly sent a selection of MaskerAide face masks and wow they didn't disappoint. In the past I've had bad experiences with sheet masks as they have broken me out or they've burned my skin and so I was a little wary of these to say the least. I kindly got sent the *All Nighter, *Beauty Restore, *Pre Party Prep, *I don't wanna grow up, *Weather Warrior and *Detox Diva masks. They all have different purposes and different ingredients in them and they have different benefits but not one of them failed to disappoint. Now I must warn you, I definitely think these masks are an 'in the bath' mask, they are absolutely soaked in product and so I definitely think it's easier to be in the bath. Some sheet masks are only soaked in the product but not very well and so you find them to be quite drying but not these. Each and every one of them left my skin with an amazing result and I couldn't recommend these more. Now I have to admit you're not going to look the best while wearing these but they are so worth it. You can buy these masks for £5.00 each so they definitely aren't the cheapest sheet masks on the market but they are such good quality and as a pamper treat even just once a month, I think they would be ideal. If you want to know about the individual benefits of each mask you can click on the links above. Overall all the masks are cooling and are the best sheet masks I've used and are definitely one of my favourite discoveries of 2015.

Then my final favourite discovery of 2015 was my *Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield (34mm) Rose Gold Watch. It is absolutely beautiful and this is my favourite photo of it. Now I won't go on about this watch too much as I did a full review here. But it is just absolutely amazing, I love wearing it and it's one of my favourite accessories that I own and I love it so much. I mean what girl doesn't love a rose gold watch? Daniel Wellington watches are honestly such good quality and I couldn't recommend this company enough.
So they are all my favourite discoveries of 2015, I'd love to know in the comments what your favourite discoveries of 2015 are.
*DISCLAIMER: This post contains PR samples but they were sent for review purposes only. All PR samples have been marked with an (*). All opinions and views are my own and are 100% honest.