Thursday, 21 January 2016

New Look Haul.

I hope you are enjoying all the January Hauls I have done so far. I really enjoy reading Haul posts and so hopefully you do too. So today's Haul is from New Look. It's not massive in the slightest. I only got 2 items and can you really call it a 'Haul' if you've only picked up 2 items? Well I am. I actually bought these last year when New Look was having a 60% off sale and knew I couldn't resist and I had been browsing for a new outfit and that's when I came across the items I did. I collected them in-store rather than paying for delivery too.

 So the first item I put in my basket were shoes. These are the 'Black Leather Strappy Chunky Platform Heels'.What a surprise. I absolutely love shoes and especially platform shoes. I'm really into them and have noticed that I am so used to them, that I hate wearing flat shoes now. So I bought these. At first I was undecided on whether I liked them. I'd been wanting a pair of shoes like this for quite a while but none of them had taken my fancy and so after a while of deliberating, I decided to purchase them. They should have been £39.99 but I got them for £17.00. Such a bargain considering they are real leather. They are quite high but I've worn them to lots of parties and to a wedding and they are my go-to go out pair of shoes.

 Great photo angle there Megan. Although it's not a very good angle, I just thought I'd insert a photo of them on my feet (or in this case my foot) so you can see how the shoes look, when they are being worn. These are a size 6 for anyone who was wondering. Although they are quite high, they are super comfy and pretty much go with any outfit.

The other item I purchased was the 'Black Wrap Front Bardot Neck Crop Top'. I was going to buy a skort to wear with it but sadly this had to be returned. It was a size 10 for anyone wondering. It was awful. It showed too much 'flesh' in my eyes. I get that it's a crop top. But when I put it on, the wrap bit, didn't wrap over properly, so there were gaps and I don't really like flashing bare skin. I don't really know why I bought this in the first place. I was going for the Olivia Newton-John look from Grease when she has the on the shoulders top on but that just didn't become a reality for me. It should have been £6.99 but it went down to £3.00. As I say it had to be returned and I got my money back. The 'bardot' top was very in fashion last summer and sadly, this one in particular, just didn't suit me.

So that's everything that I got from New Look. I really hope you enjoyed this small Haul.
Have you purchased anything from New Look recently?

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