Sunday, 17 January 2016

H&M Haul.

So here we are again, another haul as part of my 'January Hauls' series on my blog and I'm not really sure I can even call this a haul considering I bought two items but I wanted to show you them so without further a do I shall show you them.
So I wanted to brighten up my wardrobe a little and I'd seen so many people wearing these style of trousers that I just couldn't resist buying myself a pair. Now I have to be honest, I have to feel mighty daring to go out the house in these because I'm not really sure if they suit me (I'll have a fashion post up sometime soon and I'll wear these so do let me know!) but I bought them because they are stylish and comfy and I like how they are different. They have elastic at the bottom too which means they won't roll up your leg which for me is a win. This pair of patterned trousers came in at £12.99 and so I thought the price wasn't too bad and so these are my first H&M purchase.

Now onto my second item that I purchased, oh you've guessed, another pair of trousers. Now if you can't already tell, I obviously needed some more trousers but these again are very daring and very out of my comfort zone. These were so hard to photograph because the pattern literally looks different from every angle but these are some new trousers. Now I'm not a fashion expert by any means and so I'd like to describe these as cigarette type trousers but I could be completely making that up so if it's wrong, I'm sorry. These give a bit more colour to my wardrobe as they are navy blue and again I've managed  wear these a few times but more fashion posts with these in are due to come. This pair of trousers were £24.99 and I honestly couldn't believe it because I've never paid that much money for a pair of trousers in my life but they are unique and quirky and really good quality and so they are worth the money.
So that's everything I bought from H&M and do let me know your opinions on these trousers in the comments!

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