Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tesco Haul.

So, I have another haul for you all. This haul was a small haul but nevertheless, I had to do it. Now, I bought these items back in August (2015) for college. In September I started college and so I thought I would make the most of the sales and offers and so I went to Tesco and got lots of cheap stationery pieces. I did buy these all in my local Tesco store, so I've tried my best to link to them online but the items may be slightly different.

So what did I buy?
  • Handy 160 lined paged notebook - This will come in handy (See what I did there!) when I need to jot down some notes about my course or deadlines etc. I love notebooks and own far too many but there's definitely no harm in getting another one! I got this on sale for £0.50p! Such a bargain! I couldn't find a link to one on their own but you can get a 5 pack of them for a bargain price of £2.50! If you want the 5 pack, click here.
  • Clear Pencil Case - This again always comes in handy. I actually went back to Tesco and bought 5 more! I have decided that instead of having my fine liners and colouring pencils loose in a tray, I want them in separate clear pencil cases, so that's what I've done. I originally bought this clear pencil case for my colouring crayons and just keep them at home but because they are in a pencil case, if I ever need them for college etc they are travel friendly. I got it for £0.50p again, so it's definitely not breaking the bank and they are so useful!

  • Tippex Correction Fluid - Judge me if you like but I have never owned any Tippex until now. I decided to take the plunge and buy some, as I am always making mistakes and then I end up getting mad and crossing it out (or scribbling it out , in my case!) so this will prevent me from scribbling and it will make my work look much neater. This got reduced twice and I managed to pick it up for a bargain price of £0.75p!
So that is my Tesco Haul! I hope you've enjoyed it! I know it was only a small haul and that I only spent £1.75 but I thought I would share it nevertheless.

What stationery have you been buying?

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