Tuesday, 12 January 2016

January Hauls.

So it's January and what better way to kick off this month with a new series, now the photo above is not related in the slightest to the new series but I really love the photo and so I thought it would look nice with this short but sweet post. Now I have decided to do a 'January Hauls' series on my blog this month and this will mean that you lovely readers will get to see 6 hauls, now I'm not sure if you'll even class some of them as hauls as some of them only have a few items but they're just things I've bought and thought I'd just break it all down. You will see hauls from Amazon, New Look, Primark, Ebay, H&M and Tesco!

I love reading and watching on YouTube different hauls and so I thought why not do a January hauls series on my blog because after all we are all a little nosey and like to see what other people have bought.

I hope you're all having a lovely January so far!

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