Sunday, 24 January 2016

Ebay Haul.

I have yet another Haul for you today. I really hope you're enjoying my 'January Hauls'. So today's haul is an Ebay Haul. I am always shopping on Ebay and so I thought I'd do a collective haul. The reason why they have different covers etc and are not in one big photo is because they all arrived at different times.
One of the purchases that I made was a Giraffe Phone Case. I got a new phone and so, because I got a new phone, I had to get a new phone case. I'm not sure if you saw my other phone case on my iPhone 4 but that too had hand painted Giraffes on it and it was rather cute. So sticking with the Giraffe theme, I got a new one and I absolutely love it. It came later than it was estimated but what can you do. I would have maybe liked it to be a hard case rather than a rubber one but it's a good case and so I can't complain. I bought it for £2.29. You can probably get it cheaper but I wanted it pretty much straight away and so I didn't want one from China and so I got it from a UK seller. The seller has different patterns on the cases but I went for the Giraffe one.

Before I ordered my iPhone 5, I ordered a Charger Case for my iPhone 4. I'm forever out and about and so I wanted a charger case so that I could charge my phone while I was out. It arrived late to start with and then my iPhone 4 didn't fit in it properly and so it's basically no good. Now that I have my iPhone 5, it's definitely no good. So I was really disappointed with the product. I paid £3.54 for this and it didn't even fit properly. Okay, so £3.54 isn't very much, but for a product that doesn't fit it's purpose? It's a waste of good money, that I could have put towards something else. So unfortunately this product went in the bin.

Another item that came the same day as my Charger Case for my iPhone 4 was my Perfume Atomizer. I've seen so many Bloggers and Youtubers with the Travalo ones and so I decided to just get a 5ml Perfume Atomizer. At first, I was really disappointed. Okay, so it was only $0.99 but for whatever money you pay for an item, it should work. Basically when I first got it, I couldn't get anything off it, like the black thing around it (It just wouldn't come off) and so I couldn't use it because I couldn't get any perfume into it). I was so tempt to put it in the bin but I decided to have another go and managed to get the black thing off. It's still really awkward as you have to spray the perfume into the bottle instead of pumping it in like you do with the Travalo but it's a cheaper alternative and it'll do the job.

I then purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection. These brushes are probably the most talked about brushes in both the blogosphere and on YouTube and I've never given into the hype. They are in my opinion overpriced. I managed to get the Real Techniques Core Collection for $11.97 which in GBP works out at £7.67. I saved £13.32! I haven't bought them before, just because of the price. Call me tight but to me make up brushes do the same thing no matter what brushes you buy. Some are just better quality. Sadly, the Ebay user that I bought these off doesn't have them listed anymore. They came all the way from China, so I did have to wait a while for them but they are great. I have to admit, my make up looked amazing once I'd used these brushes, so I suppose they are worth the investment. There are some really good dupes on Ebay though, so I definitely think I'll go for them if I want to get some more brushes.

On the topic of make up brushes, I did get some more. These are just Ebay brushes and they came as a 10pc. They aren't the best brushes I've ever used, but they are good. They are super soft too. I only paid £4.90 for them, so I'm definitely not complaining. If you are just starting out in make up - these could be good for you.

As well as some new make up brushes, I decided to get a make up sponge. This is meant to be a 'dupe' for the Beauty Blender. I have never actually tried the Beauty Blender but I thought I'd at least try this one. It's quite good, it's not perfect but it does a good job at blending in your foundation and concealer. For me this product (because it is a sponge) never cleans properly and so once it goes all grubby, it's time to bin it. I only paid $0.99 which worked out at £0.49! Yes, that is correct, £0.49p! Such a bargain!
I then bought a new iPhone 5 USB Cable because the one that I got with my iPhone 5 was actually faulty and didn't work when I got it, which was highly disappointed. So I managed to get a new one for £0.99! Okay so it's not an Apple one but nevertheless if it charges my phone that's all that matters to me. It does charge my phone and I am very happy with it.
The last thing I purchased on Ebay was a 11" laptop sleeve. Now I used to have a pink laptop case with a zip which I loved but sadly my old laptop broke and the case went with it. I since then got a new laptop and had to get a new case and this is what I got. It's not the nicest thing but it protects my laptop and so that's all that matters. It was £2.56. So it again, isn't going to break the bank and it's useful because I needed one.
So that's my Ebay Haul. I hope you've enjoyed this post.
Have you been buying things on Ebay recently?

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