Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Primark Haul

So another haul is upon us and it just happens to be my Primark Haul and surprisingly I actually bought quite a lot of stuff. Some items you may find absolutely boring but some you might like and so I thought I'd share it all with you.

First things first, I needed some new socks and tights and so although many people think they are such a boring purchase and I'll admit, it's not the most exciting, it's just one of those purchases we have to do. So I got a 5 pack of patterned socks for £2.80 - total bargain right there. I got a pair of tights for £2.50 and a 3 pack of tights for £3.90 - Now don't ask me what I was thinking when I bought the different tights but there's something different about them both and I think I got both because one is slightly thicker? Who knows but anyway I have some essential socks and tights back in my collection.

Again another pretty standard purchase for me is some cotton leggings and these are the extra long ones and they are absolutely great. I find with most leggings that I buy they either shrink in the wash and end up being half way up my leg (not a good look!) or they are so see-through but I've found these cotton leggings to be actually quite good and it's the first time I've bought some from Primark and the best thing, they were only £3!

Now if you now me well enough by now, you'll know that since May last year I've really been into capes and blankets and clothing items like that, where I can simply just put them on and go and they look super stylish. Although not always great for the winter months, on mild days or quick visits, it's alright to go about in. So I discovered this Aztec tassel blanket and it was £14. So okay it wasn't as cheap as my cape but it's still a lovely item which looks great with anything.

Next I got a turtle neck jumper because my love for turtle neck things grows day by day. I love turtle neck clothing and this jumper doesn't fail to disappoint. I love the colour and the style and it's warm and for £12, I just couldn't resist buying it. I don't have that many jumpers in my collection and so this is the perfect edition.

Next I again got this pretty standard polycotton vest which I bought just because I can wear it under other clothes and it's a good piece for layering and at only £1.80 it's a bargain. It's a burgundy colour but it will go with most things.

Again I got another Polycotton vest but this time in a navy blue colour - again I bought this just to put underneath clothes as it is a good piece for layering and this happened to only be £1.00.

Then my last two items were these stripy long sleeved stretch tops and one is a cream colour with blue stripes and one is white with red stripes and they are the comfiest tops I've owned. They are super soft, so comfy and they even keep you warm. I remembered from the last time I bought some Primark long sleeved tops that I really loved them and so I was delighted to pick up these and they were £4 each. These will be a perfect winter essential for me and I'm sure I'll go back and get some more.
So that's everything I got from Primark, what is your favourite item that I got?

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