Thursday, 7 January 2016

Brand Review: Botanicals.

Throughout 2015, I discovered some amazing brands and I definitely think Botanicals is one of them. Botanicals is an award-winning natural organics skincare company and I am trying to get into more natural and organic skincare because nobody likes harsh chemicals on their skin. The reason I haven't yet featured them on my blog until today is because I have been busy testing a few of their products and thought I would put the products in one post and do one whole 'brand review'. So without blabbing on like I usually do, if you want to know my thoughts on the products, carry on reading.
So the first product I have been testing out is the *Botanicals Radiance Serum which has white grape and avocado in it. This serum is for healthy and radiant skin and so I was expecting quite a lot from this serum. The serum itself smells quite pleasant and the formula is very thin. When I kept applying this to my skin, it felt fine and I left it to sink in each time but I found that once it had been on my skin for a while, my face would feel really greasy and this product actually made my skin breakout. I have combination/oily skin and so if you have a different skin type this product may work a lot better for you but for mine personally, it just didn't suit it. I absolutely love the packaging of this product though. At £25.95 for 30ml it's not the cheapest of skin care but for a serum I don't think it's too bad.

The next product I have been testing out is the *Botanicals Cleansing Melt and this has mandarin and chamomile in it. This is one of the nicest cleansers I have used on my skin and I absolutely love it. It melts make up away like a dream and I have mostly been using this just to cleanse my skin on a morning and night with my Magnitone Lucid. I apply a little amount of this to my Magnitone Lucid every morning and night and cleanse my face with it and it smells lovely. Most cleansers actually tend to strip my skin but this one surprised me as it didn't. What I love about this product is that it not only cleansed my skin but it left it feeling hydrated and nourished each time I used it. I definitely could see a difference in my skin after using this rather than my Clinique Cleansing Mousse. This cleanser was perfect for my skin type and I love using it. This is £18.95 for 55g, so again it's not the cheapest on the market but it does a really good job and I love having it in my routine. I love how it's natural and overall I couldn't say more good things about this product.
So as you can see I have a mixed review today but I absolutely love Botanicals and if you love natural and organic products then you should definitely check out their website here.
Have you tried anything from Botanicals?
*DISCLAIMER: These products were sent for review purposes only. This does not in any way influence my opinions or views. All my views and opinions are 100% honest.

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