The Perks Of Meg is run by a Yorkshire based girl called Megan who enjoys beauty, fashion and baking. While studying level 3 childcare at college and resitting maths for the third time, Megan aims to go to university one day and become a primary school teacher.

As well as studying at college full time, Megan also has a part time job as a waitress at the local pub.

In her spare time she loves to go out for long walks, bake and scroll endlessly on Instagram hoping that all her college work will get done on its own. As well as reading new blogs and blogs that she loves, she loves to read magazines and books.

The Perks Of Meg started a new year with Megan in January 2014 with a quirky but failing layout and no idea how to blog but as the months have gone on she is learning more and more everyday. Still 2 years on, Megan is still learning.

Megan hopes to inspire other bloggers and people along the way as well as feeling like she has achieved something herself.

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