All opinions and views stated on The Perks Of Meg are my own and are 100% honest. My opinions and views are mentioned to give readers information, enjoyment and of course I provide them for reviewing purposes only. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions and these are mine. I have no intentions of offending or insulting anybody with my opinions or content on my blog. I am simply just writing about products and offering my thoughts and opinions on a product to create a review on a particular product. Just because some products work for me, doesn't mean they will work for you and vice versa.
I want The Perks Of Meg to be an honest and trustworthy outlet, where all my content is reliable. I will never be paid or incentivised to speak positively of a product if I do not truly love/like the product. Sometimes I do not feature the product in a post on it's own if I do not like the product and will sometimes mention it as part of a post. If I really do not like the product, I will not feature it on my blog, as it would be a waste of my time and the readers, who would read the post. I will only post about products that I would truly recommend/love or like. I will tend to be constructive  when I write about products but sometimes I will just not get along with a product. I want anyone who reads my blog to feel like they can trust me and what I say. I would never want anyone to feel like they are being sold products for the sake of it. As I am a blog reader too, I would never want this to happen to me, as I wouldn't want someone to lie about a product and so this applies to me. All my content on The Perks Of Meg is 100% honest. Again, what works for me, might not work for you.
All content on The Perks Of Meg is written by myself unless otherwise stated. Any posts that are written by alternative authors that publish content on my blog will be labelled as a guest post.
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All images that are posted on The Perks Of Meg belong to the blog and author unless otherwise stated. Any images that do not belong to the blog or author are credited and a link to the source of the image will be used when displaying it. Please do not use any of the imagery from The Perks Of Meg unless you credit it and link it back to my blog.

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