Sunday, 29 May 2016

Benefit #BenefitBrows Event and exciting new releases!

Hello everyone, so while I've been busy with my job and revising for my exams, I actually got to do something super exciting! Last Sunday I travelled to Leeds for a Benefit event! I cannot believe how lucky I was to receive the invite and I am so grateful to Zeal for letting me come along!
When I arrived in Leeds train station, I met up with some lovely fellow bloggers and we walked to the event together! When we got there, we got given some browchers and a glass of prosecco! We then got talks from some of the lovely ladies at Benefit. The event was all about their new and exciting brow range, which is due to be released on the 24th June! How amazing do they look though?! I was fascinated to hear all about how the brow market has changed and how it has even taken over the mascara market. I guess we all want on fleek brows right?! We all then found out about the new range and then we went through to the next part of the gallery where we were greeted with brow technicians, massive light up brow letters, fairy lights and even a selfie mirror! Who doesn't love a good selfie though! The room looked absolutely gorgeous. We also had a magician who was absolutely fab! You can visit his twitter page here.

I then got my brows done which I have never had them done before so I was intrigued to how they would look and I got mine done by the lovely Amy and wow she certainly worked some magic because my brows have never looked that good and I was so impressed. Amy asked me how I usually have my brows and used the shade 5 which was the perfect match. We spoke about what products would be best for me and Ka-Brow was the main product used.

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Here are my before and after pictures and there is just such a difference! My brows were totally transformed!
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After having our brows transformed, we all took advantage of the wonderful selfie mirror and had our photos printed and then in pairs we were able to go to the games room. I paired up with the lovely Becca and we went around the 4 different stations and it was so much fun. The first game was to match the eyebrows to the celebrities and it was a lot trickier than we once thought and we managed to get about 4 correct! The second station was where we took it in turns to be blindfolded and we had to draw the brow onto the face, this was so funny but overall we didn't do too bad. The third station was leg waxing and we had to wax a male volunteer's leg which was funny. Finally the fourth station was one where we had to design a cake to give it wow brows and then we had to think of a name. Mine and Becca's was all glittery and glam and we went for the name browalicious because the cake was a brow and it was delicious because it was cake! I felt very proud of that one, if I do say so myself! There was a winning cake chosen and also a selfie competition to win a prize! We were also gifted some mini Gimme Brows and so I was over the moon!
It was also an absolute pleasure to meet some lovely bloggers and I was so happy that I got to meet Rhianna, I absolutely adore her blog and she is so nice!
I can't thank Benefit and all the lovely people at Zeal Buzz enough because it was such a pleasure to be able to go to this fabulous event and it was so fun! Thank you to Zeal Buzz for taking some lovely photos too!  I met some lovely bloggers too! I cannot wait for their new brow products to be released although I think I'll be poor by the end of it!
What Benefit brow products are you most excited for?

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Where have I been?

So, where do I begin really? This is my first blog post since 10th March and I cannot believe it's been that long. Although I feel like I should say sorry for my absence, I'm not going to because life happens and as my blog is a hobby, I have to remember that other things sometimes have to come first. A lot of things have changed in my life since March and one of the biggest things is that I now have a part time job. At the beginning of March I had an interview and got a job, in a local pub and I am very happy about it. I do put a lot of hours in, even though it is part time and I still have college to focus on too. So these last few months, I've mainly been focusing on having a work and college life balance. I've had deadlines coming out my ears and I still have quite a few more. In 6 days time, I have my Childcare Level 3 exam and so I'm trying my hardest to revise for that and then I also have my maths resit exams, which hopefully I will pass 3rd time lucky.

I don't suppose anyone will have missed my rambling on and things but I thought it was best to just sit down (when I had the chance) and just update you a little bit on how my life is going. I still want to blog, of course I do, I have found some of the most loveliest people through blogging and people who I would consider my friends and so I would never stop doing it.

May is going to be a stressful, hectic but also a little bit fun too and I'm looking forward to the exciting part. (You will all find out very soon!)

Once I have finished college for my first year with no deadlines left and huge piles of work to do, I will be back to blogging a little more frequently but for now, I may be a little bit more absent but I am going to try my best to get some more posts up because I love the support I have from everyone who even gives my blog the time of day to be read.

So yeah, life update, a little bit of a natter and hopefully you'll see some new posts very soon!