Friday, 24 January 2014

Mally Review! ♥

Hello you lovely bloggers and today I will be sharing with you my thoughts and opinions on... Mally Products!

I'm not quite sure if any of you will have heard of the brand Mally but I do know that QVC sell their products and you can also get them on 

For christmas my auntie bought me this...

I'm not quite sure how much this was put I can give you the prices of what is inside individually.
These are the 3 items that you get in that box.

This is the Mally evercolour starlight
waterproof liner -  Price £15.50.

This is the liner without the lid on.

This liner is so good! It is so easy to use and doesn't get all over your face as it is a pencil liner, it is in black and it's waterproof which is a bonus!

The next thing I got was this Mally black mascara, I can't find this on the QVC website so I don't know if it has discontinued or something but it's such a good mascara and makes my lashes feel and look incredible.
I love how the mascara container looks as it is black with
a tiny silver dots going up it. 

The wand is quite a straight wand but it gets to every single lash and the mascara doesn't make
your eyes feel heavy.

The last thing that I got in the package was this amazing Mally eyeshadow palette which again I can't seem to find anywhere. I think the palette is called Radiant Taupe 3.
I absolutely love the packaging of this eyeshadow palette and it's
so good if you're travelling anywhere because it's not too big.

These are the beautiful eyeshadows. Colours from left to right;
eyeshadow base, sandy nude, shimmering taupe and haze. They're all very neutral colours and all
feel like satin when applied. 

This is a photo of the back of the palette.

From Left to Right:
Haze, Shimmering Taupe, Sandy Nude and
Shadow Base.

From the top to bottom:
Shadow Base, Sandy Nude, Shimmering Taupe and Haze.

Overall I love this make up and will definitely be buying again!

Rating out of 10: 9/10

Thanks for reading! 

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