Saturday, 25 January 2014

Make up and Hair - January School Look│Plaits Plaits Plaits ♥

Hola you lovely lot!

I've been really trying to do as many blog posts as I can for January as I am a new blogger and I only started blogging in the middle of January. It is nearly the end of January can you believe it? It's gone so fast!! It's quite scary.

Anyways I hope you're enjoying my posts and I love you all for following me on bloglovin and Google+ and any other social networking sites! You can follow me by the different buttons at the side! Also your comments mean the world to me! So thank you all! ♥

I have also devised a plan where I take all my photography on a weekend of products so that I can use the hours of daylight productively and they're really the only days that I have daylight for as I have school 8:45am till 3:00pm from Monday to Friday and that gives me time to write up my posts during the week at nighttime! Whoop! Whoop!

However today's post the photos were taken on Wednesday 22nd January as I had a doctors appointment and had 10 minutes spare before going to the doctors and then to school!

I'm kinda babbling so I'm going to explain what the post is about...

I have recently been into Plaits, I don't know why but they look really cute and make lovely natural waves which I love.

I have also come up with 2 different lip options which I love with this look.

No make up and Plaits.

Plaits and Make up on (1st lip option):
- Collection concealer in fair 1 buy here
- Laura Geller Mascara
- Barry M TMLP Lipstick buy here with a Maybelline Baby Lips over the top - Intense Care buy here

Plaits and Make up on (second lip option):
- Collection 2000 concealer in fair 1 buy here
- Laura Geller Mascara
 - MUA Shade 13 Lipstick (on its own) buy here

Plaits and Make up on (second lip option):
- Collection 2000 concealer in fair 1 buy here
- Laura Geller Mascara
- MUA shade 13 Lipstick buy here and Maybelline Baby Lips Intense Care on top. buy here 

Plaits out and hair not brushed through and same make up as listed above.

Hair brushed through + same make up.

Same make up as before and hair brushed.
Coat from Primark - £10.

Another alternative is having your hair to one side.

I hope you like the look I have created, it is very basic as I prefer a natural look for school. Normally I use my Rimmel 25 hour foundation and my Mally make up which you will be getting a review of very soon however I just wanted to use mascara, concealer and lipstick today. Underneath my coat is my boring school uniform and you don't need to see that aha. I feel like the collection 2000 concealer really brightens my face and that is what I need in a morning.

Do you lovely bloggers have any make up recommendations for me? If you do please don't hesitate and comment below! I'd love to buy some new make up to try and test and review! 

I'm going to stop babbling now haha! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and let me know if you have in the comments!

Lots of Love!

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