Tuesday, 28 January 2014

2true Foundation VS Rimmel 25 hour foundation! ♥

Hola my lovely lot!

Today I have a 2true foundation VS Rimmel 25 hour foundation post! Which will give you an idea of what the advantages and disadvantages of the two foundations are.

2True Foundation 

You can get the 2true foundation at Superdrug for £1.99. Buy here

The packaging is very basic and quite dull. I got this foundation in shade 1 as I am extremely pale.
This foundation claims that it is a smooth matte foundation which is oil free and fragrance free.

Back of the packaging.

Left - When rubbed in.
Right - when you apply it.
- It's very cheap.
- Easy to apply.

- It is quite orange
- It is only available in 3/4 shades.
- After about an hour it can look very cakey.
- It increases the oil on my T-zone.
- Packaging is very dull.
- Not very good coverage.

Rating out of 10: 2/10

Rimmel 25 hour foundation 

You can get the Rimmel 25 hour foundation from Superdrug currently for £4.99! Normal price: £7.99. Buy here

Nice bottle and stands out. This foundation claims that it is sweat, heat and humidity
proof for 25 hours.

This bottle has an easy pump dispenser which is so much easier to work with as you only get the
amount you want. 

Left - When you apply it.
Right - When you rub it in.
This foundation is in the shade 100 - IVORY

- Fits my skin colour perfectly
- Good coverage
- Never have to reapply it and on my oily areas (T-zone) it doesn't become oily.
- Nice bottle and stands out.

- Can look darker near the cheekbones/eyes.

Rating out of 10: 9/10

Therefore the Rimmel 25 hour foundation wins.

Thanks for reading this post! 


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