Sunday, 13 July 2014

Throwback Series │A day at the seaside ♥

Aloha all you lovely bloggers!

Are you feeling summery yet? Today you have (hopefully) come to read another tale of my throwback series and as I am feeling very summery, I thought I would tell you about my day at the seaside that I experienced last year. I go to Bridlington every single year as many times as I can and I have done this since I was little. It is a little seaside on the holderness coastline along with many other seasides such as Scarborough and Hornsea but yeah living in Yorkshire means I can go to many seasides when it is nice weather. I want to go down south to experience Brighton and I also would love to go to Blackpool.

We started off by setting off at around 7:45 on this particular sunday and it took us 45 minutes to get there. We then went to this cafe that we always go to and have since like forever.  

I got the most delicious sausage sandwich and I was in love. 

Inside my sandwich.
We then went round the arcades but they weren't very good and we didn't win, it was a bank holiday too so they make it extra hard. So then we looked round a few shops and looked at the sea. We didn't go down the beach that day because the tide was in and well that would be silly to go down on the beach (highly dangerous do not do it.)

Then I sat and took selfies and had a fish and chip although I wasn't too impressed as the batter wasn't cooked and we ended feeding bits to the seagulls even though we aren't supposed to but oh well.

As you can see it was pretty sunny and my hair was ridiculously light aha. 
What do you do when you go to the seaside and what seaside do you go to?

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