Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Discussion │Should we use wipes to remove our make up or not?♥


Okay so it's now July which means the summer break from school is nearly upon me or us (depending whether you are still at school or college) and I'm very excited although I'm a tiny bit scared as that means when I go back I'll be in year 11 and all the pressure will build up and my big exams are then too. So as I told you last month I'm starting a blog schedule, I'm not sure how long this will last as I will probably give up by the end of July as my posts are so varied but hopefully you guys will give me lots of ideas of what you'd like to see on what days. So Tuesdays are TAGs/A week in photos/Discussion Time type posts so I thought I'd kick off this whole shabang with a discussion as I'd love to know what you think of this. 

Okay so this discussion is one that I find comes up a lot in the blogging world and most people think that wipes are bad to remove our make up and some say they aren't bad because they do a good job. My opinion of face wipes are a bit of both. I have heard all the bad stuff such as how much bacteria they may collect as you don't know how long the wipes have been in a store however I do use wipes to remove my make up.

I use the Johnson's baby gentle cleansing wipes to remove my make up.

I firstly use my Johnson's baby gentle cleansing wipes to remove my make up.
I then use a cleanser of my choice which I have been recently using my dermalogica clay cleanser which is so good!
I then use a toner which I have been using my The Body Shop Aloe Vera toner and it is so good especially because I have sensitive skin.

So overall I do 3 steps when I use wipes on my skin but should I still use them?

What do you do if you use wipes and should we use them or not?

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