Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Body Shop │Tea Tree Face Mask Review.♥

Hello everyone! 

I have a review for you today and it is going to be a review about The Body Shop's Tea Tree Face Mask. 

Please ignore the fact my Seaweed mask is on the photo, you will get a review of this sometime soon! 
I have got to say I have mixed emotions about this product and I will share with you my thoughts and the advantages and disadvantages...

- The packaging, it's got lots of information and it's very basic but it's a round tub which is good for travelling, you know that none of the product is going to get everywhere and it's good for storage and reusable.

- The smell is so nice! Fresh tea tree.

- The texture is smooth and it glides across your face when applied. You can do it as thick or thin as you like when applying a layer and it feels really cooling.

- I didn't really see any improvements in my skin using this product and it made me break out even more than I normally would.

- The Price is quite steep and it is £10.00 - I only think this is steep because it hasn't really worked.

Overall I don't think I'll be purchasing this again because I feel like I have found better ones for a lot cheaper. I feel like this is a massive disappointment because I love the tea tree range from The Body Shop.

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