Monday, 28 July 2014

What's on my iPhone 4? ♥

Hello everyone! 

I've seen this so many times on youtube but I didn't know whether anyone had done it in the blogosphere but anyway I have decided to do it in blog form because I'm not confident and feel like I just can't do videos, not yet anyway. 

So do you want to see what I've got on my iPhone 4? 

I've only had my iPhone 4 for about a month now but I love it so much and here is what I have on it...

I have the ios 7 update and this is my lock screen - it's a picture of a family members dog and he is adorable. 

When I unlock my phone I am presented with this screen and I basically have all the basics. (I know some of these photos were taken on different days but I forgot to screenshot my lock screen.)
I have:

- Messages: Where I message my friends and family and where I am mainly contacted. 
- Calendar: Where I write reminders, see when people's birthdays are and what date it is. 
- Photos: Where all my photos are stored.
- Camera: Where I take all my photos.
- Weather: Where I check the weather in my area.
- Clock: Where I can check the time and put alarms and timers on.
- Maps: I use it for directions. 
- Videos: Where my videos are stored.
- Notes: Where I write to-do lists, blog ideas and anything on the go. 
-Reminders: I use this if I need an urgent reminder to do something.
- Game Center: I don't really use this but it's for any games that I play.
- Passbook: For important documents.
- Itunes Store: To listen to the newest music and buy some.
- App Store: Where I buy apps. 
- Facetime: Where I video call my friends. 
- Settings: Where I change anything I need to on my phone.
- Phone: Where people call me.
- Mail: Where any mail comes to me.
-Safari: Where I google and search for anything and everything.
- Music: Where I listen to my music. 

Here is the view of my second page on my iPhone 4.

Here is my utilities where I have:

- Contacts: Where everyone is stored in my phone.
-Calculator: If I need to work something out- mainly cost wise.
-Compass: To see where the wind is pointing but I don't use it.
-Voice memos: Don't really use this but this is recordings.
-Newsstand: Where Magazines are stored.
-Stocks: I have no idea what these are but I'm guessing it's to do with money.
-Paypal: Where my money is and an easy way to receive and transfer payments.
-Dictionary: I use this when I need to look up a word. 

Here is a photo of the dictionary app and on that particular day the word of the day was flak. 

Here is my photos. 

Here is my social media folder: 

- Snapchat: Where I send awful photos to my friends and find out what they're up to.
-Instagram: Where I spend hours endlessly scrolling and where I find inspiration.
-Twitter: Where I interact with all you lovely bloggers.
- WhatsApp: Where I talk to friends and family.
- Evernote: Where I again make notes on the go.
- Blinkbox: Where I listen to lots of music and it is so good.
- My o2: Where I check my balance and allowances etc.
- Featurepoints: Where I download different apps to earn points to get rewards such as vouchers.
- Bloglovin': Where I read all your blogs, I literally spend 2 hours a day on it. 

Here is a photo of me scrolling on bloglovin' at that particular time. Here you can see I was reading one of my favourite blogs Agent Smyth and you can follow them here. Please do, you won't regret it. I've been reading their blog since I started in January and I have a happy dance every time they are on my feed. So thank you Claire and Nic for having a wonderful blog. I am like this with many other blogs: I'm easily pleased. 

So that is what's on my iPhone 4. 

Have you enjoyed this post and what do you have on your iPhone?

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