Sunday, 27 July 2014

Twitter Blogger Chats: When and what are they?

As I have only been blogging since January the whole twitter blogger chats were very new to me up until about May. Since May I have tried to participate in a few blogger chats and mostly I've only had time for #bbloggers on a sunday night but hey, at least I participate right? I absolutely love the Twitter chats and it is a way/place where I can interact with new bloggers and people who share the same interests as me - which is pretty cool. You don't have to be a blogger to take part in the chats but mainly bloggers take part. I have learnt while I've taken part in the chats that you will be accepted no matter how long you've been a blogger and it's just a lovely way to get new ideas and share good/bad experiences. Also these chats can create long lists of shopping - some how I don't think my bank balance appreciates this but hey ho. I get a lot of inspiration from the chats and it means that I can put my blog out there too - I love the blogging community and if you would like to take part in a variety of chats, I have put a list of hashtags together so that you know what chats are available and when they take place. Just remember that link sharing is meant to be saved till the end of the chat but if you have relevant links to the topic feel free to give people a chance to look, as long as you don't spam. All times below are in GMT unless stated otherwise.

#bbloggers (beauty bloggers) - Sundays and Wednesdays 8-9pm. - Sundays are normally a topic and Wednesdays are general chit chat.

#lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers) - Sundays 7-8pm. - I should probably take part in this more.

#fbloggers (fashion bloggers) - Mondays and Thursdays 8-9pm. - Hopefully in the near future I will have more fashion related posts on my blog and will participate in this chat.

#sbnchat (Scottish bloggers network chat) - Tuesdays 7-8pm.

#psbloggers (plus size bloggers) - Sundays 9-10pm. 

#pbloggers (parent bloggers) - Sundays 9-10pm.

#tbloggers (teen bloggers) - Saturdays 8-9pm and Thursdays 9-10pm.  - I will probably take part in this more as I only discovered it a few weeks a go, it is so handy and is great for us teens.

#sbloggers (student bloggers) - Fridays 8-9pm. - Another great chat to be involved in. 

#socialcafe (all bloggers) - Tuesdays 2-3am. 

#bookbloggers - Tuesdays 7-8pm.

#mybchat (market your blog- all bloggers) - Tuesdays 7-8pm.

#bloghour (all bloggers) - Tuesdays 9-10pm.

#beautychat (anyone who loves beauty) - Fridays 7-8pm.

#beautichat (anyone who loves beauty) - Thursdays 9-10pm.

#blognix (all bloggers) - Thursdays 9-10pm.

#socialbloggers (all bloggers) - Saturdays 6-7pm.

#fdbloggers (food bloggers) - Thursdays 8-9pm.

#fblchat (fashion/beauty/lifestyle bloggers) - Tuesdays 8-9pm.

#cfbloggers (cruelty free bloggers) - Thursdays 9-10pm.

#bundlechat (fashion, beauty & lifestyle) - Mondays 7-8pm.

#bloggerswlw (weight loss bloggers) - Thursdays 8-9pm.

#30sbloggers - Sundays 9-10pm.

#bloggersdoitbetter (all bloggers) - Mondays 7-8pm and Fridays 8-9pm.

#nzbloggers (new zealand bloggers) - Sundays 8-9pm (NZST)

#pabchat (pick a blogger) - Sundays 5-6pm.

#vloggerschat (vloggers) - Thursdays 8-9pm.

#txwbloggers (Texas women bloggers) - Wednesdays 2-3am.

#tweetursis (small businesses by women) - Tuesdays 9-10pm.

#beautybabble (any beauty lovers) - Mondays 8-9pm.
#craftblogclub (craft bloggers) - Tuesdays 7-8:30pm.

#bloggab (all bloggers) - Tuesdays 9-10pm (ET)

#beautytalk (all beauty lovers) - Tuesdays 2-3am.

#healthyselves (staying healthy chat) - Mondays 8-9pm.

#bloggerspace (all bloggers) - Thursdays 7-8pm.

#blogphotochat (photography chat) - Thursdays 9-10pm.

As you can tell there is a variety of twitter blogger chats out there on twitter - point out the obvious there Megan.  There are so many hashtags that you can take part in and get yourself known. As I said above I just absolutely love the community and as it's summer it entitles me to take part in even more chats.

Which chats do you take part in?

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