Sunday, 6 July 2014

Throwback Series │My first holiday to Portugal.♥


So it's yet another sunday which means it's time for another throwback and today's chosen subject is my first holiday to Portugal. I thought it was good that I chose it around now because this time last year I was preparing to go. Last year on the 10th July I went to Portugal on my first holiday abroad and it is one of the best experiences of my life, I'll never forget it. So my first holiday was to the Algarve or Portugal. I went to Vilamoura and it was such a lovely place and so hot. The first day I got there it was 50 degrees and I got burnt within half an hour and that was with lots of suncream too. Luckily I came home with quite a nice tan. I went from the 10th July to the 17th July and that week went so fast. I had ice-cream and the best food I have ever eaten!! It was my first time on a plane and I loved it, I was even opposite Colleen Rooney on the plane. I felt quite lucky. I flew from Manchester Airport and wow I can't even begin to say how much I miss it. I went to a waterpark and even experienced waking up at 4am to find a massive cockroach on my wall - I was a tad scared. 

So here is a photo of me and my auntie who are looking rather sun burnt even though we were applying factor 50 every 10 minutes. This is in Vilamoura marina and it is gorgeous. 

I had the nicest bubblegum ice-cream. It is the best.

On the plane home I listened to music and enjoyed a Twix and starbucks hot chocolate. I was very sad to leave Portugal.

So that is it for my throwback post today, there is so much I could tell you but this post would be so so long.

Have you ever been to Portugal?

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