Friday, 18 July 2014

50 Facts About Me ♥│Get to know me better.

Hola you lovely lot! Today I thought I'd do a 50 facts about me post because you might get to know me a little better rather than just a girl that sits typing behind a computer screen. So here goes! I'd get a cuppa and some biscuits and then sit and relax and have a good read! 

1. My Birthday is 08/10/1998 which makes me currently 15 but 16 in a few months. My star sign is Libra.

2. My last name is the same as the famous beer that you may drink or a family member may drink, if you guess what it is in the comments and you get it right I'll advertise your blog on my blog for a whole month! (One winner will be chosen at random if there is more than one person who gets it right) 

3. I live in a little town that nobody has ever heard of but it's 20 minutes away from Doncaster and it's near Castleford and York. 

4. I have a lot of trust issues and I just can't trust people, I'm a very paranoid person. 

5. I've never had a relationship but that's okay because I'd rather focus on my career. 

6. I love all Disney films, I'm obsessed. My favourites include Beauty & The Beast, The princess and the frog, Cinderella and the black cauldron. 

7. I live with my nana and grandad. 

8. I have a far too many phobias but my worst are probably lifts, clowns and insects. 

9. I love watching documentaries and reality tv. 

10. I became friends with my best friend Emily 3 years ago by twitter and we've been friends ever since. 

11. I have such a bad memory. 

12. I am such a organised person and I have to have a notebook and pen with me at all times. If things aren't organised I get very stressed. 

13. In primary I came 4th in Cross Country and I loved sports day and now I hate sport. 

14. My birthmark is on my arm and when I was little it was bright red and now it's faded but you can still see it. 

15. One afternoon in year 1 this girl and I were fighting over a pair of scissors and this boy was that mad and I think he secretly had a crush on that girl, decided that he was going to get the scissors and cut my hand open and now I have a scar where he did it. 

16. I share the same birthday as Bruno Mars - oooooo yeah!

17. I have never been to a concert. 

18. I'm a very indecisive person. 

19. I have dyed my hair a few colours which include; purple, red and dark brown. 

20. I got a C in GCSE Geography and a D in French (however I am re-taking french this year) 

21. I have 10 siblings but I only see 3 of them. 

22. I'm a bookworm.

23. I love most music minus a few genres. 

24. I'm allergic to cucumbers. 

25. I'm bad at saving money - I blame all the reviews I read! I just can't help it. 

26. I need glasses for reading and looking at things however I never wear them because I feel too embarrassed. 

27. I'm very shy. 

28. I have been teased and bullied most of my school life and I can't wait to leave high school. 

29. I'm against animal testing. 

30. I'd absolutely love to travel to Australia, I'm definitely hoping to go in the near future!

31. For my 18th birthday I plan to go to Disneyland Paris. 

32. I'm obsessed with The Body Shop and Superdrug.

33. My favourite animal is a Giraffe. 

34. I'm obsessed with tea. It's unreal! I drink far too much!

35. I love nude lipsticks. 

36. None of my family call me Megan - I also get called by some kind of nickname. 

37. Certain words make me feel uncomfortable e.g. 'moist' 

38. I can easily cut off people from my life if you hurt me or anyone I love. 

39. In photos I always pull faces because they are just far too funny. 

40. Whenever I'm anxious I start picking at my nails or my lips. I also do this thing where I rub my nose (it's so weird).

41. I have really bad OCD and everything has to be positioned right and has to be organised. 

42. I used to be obsessed with Destiny's child, Steps and S Club 7. 

43.I have been in some school productions which include; High school musical, Bugsy Malone and Hairspray. 

44. I love cats and dogs. 

45. I have autographs from quite a few people such as; Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint (if you want to know anymore just ask).

46. I'm a serious person but I can have a laugh. 

47. Give me crisps over chocolate any day! I don't really like chocolate to be honest. 

48. I know most song lyrics and I try to sing to them even though I can't sing. 

49. Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons.

50. I'm obsessed with polka dots and stripes and floral prints. 

There you have it! There my 50 facts about me! Is there any facts you'd like to share with me? Tell me in the comments below. 

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