Sunday, 4 May 2014

Jacy and Jools │Brand Rep ♥


I have some rather good news to share with you all. I've been so busy recently with some outings and parties and even revision and so I haven't had time to sit down and write this post. I know that must seem silly as I have been posting mainly everyday but some of my posts are scheduled a few days in advance and it's took me ages to take some photos for this post but there you are - you have it now. So my exciting news is that I have become a Brand Rep for a lovely company named Jacy and Jools. You may all be wondering what a brand rep does and basically it means that using any form of social media e.g my blog and my twitter - I am trying to get the brand out there and letting you lovelies and other people know what the brand is all about and I must tell you it's super exciting. 

So you may want to know a little bit more about Jacy and Jools - They are a contemporary jewellery company based in Cheshire. They make a variety of jewellery which ranges from rings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. Personally I love brands and jewellery companies who provide you with a massive range of different jewellery where you just see a piece and think 'ooo this would match this outfit'. As I became part of their brand rep team which is another very exciting thing - If any other of the brand rep team is reading this feel free to say hello! Anyway as I was saying as I became one of their brand rep team I got sent a fabulous Brand Rep package through the post and it had so many things in it; ranging from a keyring, leaflets and a lookbook. 

Business Cards.


Wishlist leaflets.



Also the lovely Jacy and Jools  included a lovely necklace in the package as a little welcome and I was very touched as it had the letter 'M' on it.

Jacy and Jools have also offered a 10% discount off when you order from the Jacy and Jools website and enter the code; MBRC.

You can also check out my page over on their website here.

Disclaimer: I am affiliated with the company Jacy and Jools however I am not being paid to create this post and I won't  be paid if you place an order on their site. The purpose of this post is to share this wonderful news and to give you the readers an opportunity to get a 10% discount and to discover a great brand. 

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