Tuesday, 6 May 2014

How to tone down bright lipsticks. ♥


How is your May going? I hope it is going very well. - Mine is very busy and stressful but I will get through it. 

So you may be all wondering "what on earth is she on about? Toning down a bright lipstick? What would I want to do that for?"

Well if you don't already know I am the type of girl who likes neutral things therefore I go for a nude lip but then one day I decided to pick up an MUA lipstick in the shade nectar and at first I thought it really suited me being a bright coral/orange shade but now I look back and think what was I doing and this is when I discovered I could still wear it - I just needed to tone it down. 

This is it just applied naturally.

This is it if I dab it on. 

This is if I dab it on and then powder my lips. 

I know what you're all thinking? Foundation lips but they don't look at all powdery once you've put the tiniest bit of powder on them and you could always put a light lip gloss on the top. My technique is that you dab the colour lightly onto your lips and then by adding a bit of powder it makes them look like your natural lip colour (unless you use a really dark colour or a colour that wouldn't look natural).

So what do you think? Would you give my method a go?

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