Saturday, 17 May 2014

Simple │Travel kit product review.♥


Today I have a skincare review for you and I have been meaning to do this review for months but I have slowly been working down my list of blog posts to write. Although I feel like this review is going to be slightly more negative than positive which you may think is strange as I have been trying out Simple however I must admit that I'm not really a fan and wasn't really wowed by their products. I got the travel kit back in January and it has taken me a while to test it out as I've had older products to use up however when I did use them I didn't really see any difference to my skin. 

Firstly I tried out the toner - I love toners and I have quite a collection of The Body Shop ones and so I wondered if this was going to be a cheaper alternative that would work and to be honest it didn't really have a scent and it didn't really do anything to brighten or make my skin look clean and so I was very disappointed. The only good thing I really like about it is the bottle and how it doesn't spill out all at once. 

Now as you may or may not know I don't really like moisturizers anyway so I didn't really test this for long. I have now got a moisturiser that I will happily use but it isn't this one. I personally liked how this is quite thin but that is the only comment I really have on it.   

Finally I tried this facial wash which I thought was about average. I like a face wash to make me feel like I have cleaned my face and this didn't really however I did like the formula of it as it is kind of gel like and it applies really well. I didn't like the smell. 

Overall I am quite disappointed with Simple products and would not purchase these again. 

Have you tried simple products and what did you think?

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