Friday, 2 May 2014

*BeeGood 2-In-1 Cream Cleanser Review.♥

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Today I thought I'd bring you another review and today's is from a company called BeeGood. As you know I have been using a few cream cleansers at the moment and if you want me to do a comparison post about which one I think is the best then please let me know in the comments. By the way all the cream cleansers I have been using are all good cleansers - I just believe that they are all different in their own way. So anyway I have seen a lot of people reviewing this at the moment but I decided that I would not read any at the moment but I will after I have done my review. 

So what did I think?

Firstly look at the packaging, just look at this gorgeous packaging! It is one of the nicest looking packages and it just makes me so happy to have it on show. 

 The company provides lots of information on the packaging about the product which I think is brilliant. 

Even more information...

 The ingredients are also listed which is a big positive as I know some people have a bad reaction to some ingredients in some products so it is nice to know what is in them.

The product is in a bottle which really surprised me however the bottle is very nice therefore I didn't mind too much, the only downside is that you might not be able to get all the product out and you have to be careful how much you squeeze out at the time you are using it.

You get a muslin cloth with your cleanser which again is a big positive as you can clean them easy and they are great for travelling.

Everything I got. 

This cream cleanser is a 100ml tube of product with a muslin cloth and the price for it is £11.50 - which personally I don't think is too bad. What I love about this product is that it is suitable for all skin types - which is always a bonus. This cream cleanser is so rich and creamy and it smells insane! It smells of honey and it is just so lovely. It does a great job too of removing make up and leaving your face moisturised. My face is free from all the grime and it doesn't dry out my skin - I definitely feel squeaky clean after using this product!

You may be wondering how you use this product as I have to be honest cream cleansers are new to me as of January and so I had no idea but with this product all you do is: use it morning and night and massage small amounts onto dry skin and over the face and neck. Then you wet your muslin cloth in warm water, wring it out to get the excess water out of it and wipe away the cleanser and then rinse your cloth and repeat if necessary however I don't think it is. Bee good recommends that you follow this with the Honey & Wild Flax Daily Moisturiser. 

This is such a good cream cleanser and I would recommend it to all of you that want a sweet scented cream cleanser that moisturises your skin to the max too.

I would like to thank the lovely people at BeeGood for letting me try and test and review this great cleanser. 

What Cream Cleansers do you use?

*Disclaimer: This product was sent for review purposes only, all views and opinions stated are my own and are 100% honest. 

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