Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Lush │Space Girl Bath Ballistic Review. ♥


So as you can tell today's post is a review on a product from my lush haul! Slowly but surely I am getting round to reviewing them all.  So while I am absolutely busting to go for a wee (I thought you might want to know that) I will carry on with this post and let you know my thoughts on this product. I went to Lush for the first time in January and I decided that I would chose a few bath bombs that I liked the sound of and read some reviews and most of them were good and although the name and appearance of this bath bomb is quite spectacular I wasn't that impressed. When it comes to a bath bomb it has to be worth the money as I want to relax and I want it to smell nice and also I tend to go for products that I can use more than once.

So as I read reviews I decided that I would purchase Space Girl and when I went into Lush it smelt so good and so I bought it and it was massive but obviously I knew that I would only be able to get one bath out of it which is a shame.

I liked the theme of this bath bomb. I liked how it was purple and looked like a planet and how it was a bit glittery and it smelt so fruity. 

My verdict was that it was going to zoom around my bath and make me and my bathroom smell fruity and so nice.

So it got around to bath time and I had had my jabs (I used this in February but I've only just got round to reviewing it) and I thought I would treat myself. I put a little bit of water in just enough so that it could bob in the water and swirl around in my bath.

Plop. I put it in my bath and it looked like an explosion and I was quite impressed. Both red and purple such a nice combination.

After about 20 seconds it started to spread out more and my bath became a purple and red splatter.

After 1 minute my bath bomb looked like this.

Once it had all gone my bath was left a purple colour and it looked very cool as I have never has a coloured bath.

Lush claims: 

"A space-dust filled bath bomb with a sweet and fruity fragrance.
If you feel as though your head is in the clouds or you’re feeling sluggish, Space Girl gets you centred again with its blend of fruity essential oils."
"Once you drop this into your bath, Space Girl crackles with space dust (popping candy) as it spins around your orbit, restoring your good cheer. Grapefruit oil is refreshing and uplifting for the mood, clarifying and toning the skin, while bergamot makes you feel relaxed and mildly euphoric."
I agree with the fruity and sweet fragrance however it didn't really last long and I was a bit disappointed that the aroma didn't last. It smelt better as a bomb than it did when it was in my bath. Even though I was feeling sluggish it didn't really help so I don't feel that, that is true. It definitely spun around my bath but I'm not sure about the popping candy. 

This product is a vegan product and you can buy it here for £2.25. Overall I won't be buying this bath bomb again because even though most people do like it I just don't. As I say it didn't really last as long as I wanted it to and you can only use it for one bath. But for £2.25 it isn't too bad. 

Have you tried this bath bomb and what did you think? 

Thanks for reading! 

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