Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lush │ Ickle Baby Bot Ballistic Review.♥


It has took me so long to write this review and I don't even know why but for some reason I just have left it a good month or so. As you know back in January (at the end of January) I spent some of my christmas money in Lush and well I bought one of these to try as they were the cheapest item in and he looked adorable and the smell is so lovely. Anyway if you want to purchase one of these fellows which I highly recommend you do click here they're only £1.95.

My all intact baby bot. 

I broke mine into pieces so that I didn't have to use the whole thing at once as I wanted to use it a lot more than once. 

In its packaging. 

How cute?
List of ingredients:

So as you can see from the photos he is very cute. He smells of lavender and makes your bathroom and where ever you keep him smell so nice. He is so worth the money and I managed to make him last 8 baths which I'd say is pretty good. Overall I would repurchase him again and again.

Have you tried the Ickle Baby Bot Ballistic from Lush? What did you think?

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