Sunday, 11 May 2014

Beauty Blogger Challenge │ Wear 4 make up items only for one week.♥

Hello everyone! 

Today's post is more focused on beauty bloggers as it is a challenge that I would love to see happen for a week. I know lots of bloggers come up with their own TAGS for us all to do and I couldn't think of one so I thought why not challenge all the beauty bloggers out there to wear 4 make up items only for one whole week. You may not think this is particularly adventurous but you can wear one eye make up item, one lip and 2 face items and you can do it for a week. I would love it if some of you beauty bloggers did this and wrote a post about how you wore 4 make up items for a week and why you chose the ones you did. If you do decide to do it please tweet me the links: my twitter is here or you can link me in the comments below. 

So what did I choose?

I chose: 

Eye: Eyeshadow.
Lips: Lipstick.
Face: Blush and concealer. (Concealer is probably classed as eye but as you can put it on spots I thought it would categorize under face)

I chose to pick eyeshadow for my eyes as I am naturally gifted with quite long eyelashes and I normally would rush for the mascara however I wanted to challenge myself to see how I would feel without mascara.  Also eyeshadow can really brighten up your make up look and face. 

I chose a lipstick for my lips as it just gives them a bit of colour and I normally run for the lip balm so I wanted to see what condition my lips would be in after just using a lipstick. 

I chose blush and concealer for my face products as I am as pale as can be and just a bit of blush gives me a healthy flush - didn't mean for that to rhyme but there you are. I also picked concealer because I have had a few blemishes recently and I have really bad circles too and I find that concealer can brighten up your whole face even if you aren't wearing foundation. 

What would you pick? 

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