Thursday, 8 May 2014

*AEOS Sample Set Review. ♥

Well hello there lovelies! 

May is a very busy month for many people including myself as we have our exams or A levels and it's just a very stressful time. So I'm trying to fit in writing blog posts as well as revising and so today I'm bringing you a review that is of a sample set that the company AEOS sent me. I got at least 4 days worth out of the samples and I'm basically going to tell you what I did and didn't like about some of the samples I got sent.

I got a letter and a booklet which shows you all of the products. 

The samples were came in this little box.

I got an information leaflet. 

All my samples.

Close up of my samples.

This company has 3 phrases:

1. Renewal 
2. Rebalance

When doing phrase 1 I had to use the gentle cleansing lotion along with the gentle exfoliant. I really enjoyed this phrase as the products were nice on my skin and the cleansing lotion made it really soft while the exfoliant got rid of dirt and dead skin cells. I would definitely buy the full version of the gentle exfoliant. 

Phrase 2 I had to use the energizing conditioner followed by the refreshing hydrating mist. The energizing conditioner made my skin feel really sticky even with the tiniest amount and it just wasn't nice however my face did feel very refreshed after using the hydrating mist. 

Phrase 3 I had to use the realive serum followed by the enriching moisturizer which again I didn't like the serum but I feel like this is because I am not used to it as I never use a serum but the enriching moisturizer was very nice on my skin. 

All of these products didn't really smell of anything but as you can see I have mixed views about the products. I feel like the sample tubes could have a screw lid too which would make it easier.

I would like to thank AEOS for letting me review their samples. 

Have you tried any AEOS products? 


*Disclaimer: These products were sent for review purposes only, all views expressed are my own and are 100% honest.

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