Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sunkissed Mascara Review ♥

Hey everyone!
How're you all? I hope you're all good! Today I thought I would do a review on the sunkissed mascara which I recieved as a gift for my birthday last year. I can't actually find a link for it which is weird but I wouldn't advise people to buy it anyway. It was really interesting as it is a brown mascara so it is more of a natural mascara for my lashes. 

The packaging is very basic and quite boring. If I was to go into a shop and see this I wouldn't be attracted to it. The gold writing is trying to symbolize the 'sunkissed' brand but it is very boring.

The brush is like a normal brush and doesn't really do much for my lashes. When I apply this it makes my lashes look natural however the mascara is very clumpy which is a big no no. 

Overall I wasn't really very impressed with this product but luckily it was a gift. I like my mascaras to give my lashes volume which it didn't do and it just made my lashes clumpy and horrible.

Rating out of 10: 1/10

Thanks for reading!

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