Friday, 11 April 2014

April Goals...♥

Hello everyone! 

I thought I would start this on my blog where every month I do a 'Goals' post so at the beginning of May I will do the goals for May and the follow- up of how I did in April. I don't have many goals this month as I have 2 weeks off now as of yesterday but anyway here goes...

- Tidy up all of my room.
- Sort through paperwork that I no longer need. 
- Do blog posts - I have so many I need to write but it's just finding time at the minute. 
- Do my drama exam
- Revise for my English and French exams
- Do past papers
- Continue reading Looking For Alaska.
- Have a Harry Potter Marathon or watch a film every night. 
- Email back everyone I need to.
- Go shopping.
- Take photos for blog posts. 
- Edit photos. 

As you can see many of my goals is either school work or to do with the blogging world and this is the story of my life recently - I just juggle both school work and blogging. 

So what are your goals for April? 

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