Monday, 28 April 2014

Lush │ Charity Pot Sample Review.♥


So today I thought you might like to see a product from my Lush haul that I did ages ago so I thought I would chose my less favourite product out of my Haul which is a sample of the charity pot. It was only £1.00  and the money goes to charity so I thought I would buy it.

The packaging is fairly plain. 

The cream is quite watery but gloopy.

- The money goes to charity.
- Travel sized therefore you can take it anywhere with you.

- The smell is not very nice, so I dislike the smell.
- It's gloopy but it's also watery.
- The packaging is in a tin and it is quite challenging to open.
- Made my hands feel sticky.

Overall I didn't like this product as the smell was quite disgusting and it made my hands quite sticky. The packaging is quite a challenge to open and as the product is either gloopy or watery it gets everywhere. I wouldn't buy this product again or the full version of it but as it was for charity I didn't mind too much.

Have you tried this? What did you think?

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