Saturday, 5 April 2014

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer Review ♥


So it's amazing April and I have another review for you which as you can see by the title is one of the most popular make up essentials and lots and lots of blogger have made a post about this. So while I type this I am preparing for my exams which are scarily coming closer. The main one I am worried about is my drama exam but I have to do it so I suppose there is absolutely no need to worry. 

So back onto the positive part of this post which is this fabulous product which I don't know what I'd do without. It is the collection lasting perfection concealer and it is indeed perfection. I have it in the shade fair 1 and it is just amazing. It brightens up my so well and covers any blemishes and my dark circles because I really don't get enough sleep. I could go to sleep right now but I won't. 

So as you can see the packaging is very basic but I love it as I think less is more. The only downfall with the packaging is that the writing does come off very quick (mine has started to) but other than that I love the packaging.

I have to buy this concealer in fair 1 as my skin is unbelievably pale however I could probably get away with a slightly darker shade however I will stick to fair 1 for the moment as it works very well. It is one of the best concealers I have ever used and for only £4.19 it is a bargain! 

What intrigued me about this product is the brush is like the ones you get in lip glosses however it applies the concealer well and that is all I want.

On the left you can see it is rubbed into my hands and you can't really see it and I like this because it is hardly noticeable and matches my skin well. On the right is a swatch of it before I rub it in. It is very light but matches most pale complexions.

I know I always say "I won't give into the hype" but with some items I do and I am pleasantly surprised. This is definitely an essential staple. Most of the time I only wear concealer anyway so it is perfect. Overall I'm glad that I gave in and bought this product. It gives me full coverage for the whole day.

Rating out of 10 - 10/10


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