Friday, 4 April 2014

*Sugar And Crumbs Review. ♥

Hola everyone!

Today I have another review for you and I will be reviewing the company Sugar and Crumbs who sells icing sugar and cocoa powder in various flavours. When I received these products I had no clue what I could make but luckily they have a little booklet that gives you a few ideas! Perfect! I loved this company because it is affordable and has unique flavours for you to try! 

Pineapple icing Sugar. 

Blueberry Icing Sugar.

Chocolate Lime Cocoa Powder. 

I love the packaging of these, they are all pink and girly and I love how they have stickers and cupcakes. 

Here is the booklet that you get with your order to give you some inspiration...

 So I had a brainwave and thought I'd make some chocolate lime buns and have some buns with blueberry buttercream and some with pineapple.

So off I got to work in making my buns...

I liked the look of the butter cover before I used it. 
Here is a photo of when I had just got started...
Here is another photo of my ingredients and equipment as I was at a different stage. 
Here is my chocolate lime mixture.
I then put my mixture into bun cases and then put them straight into my preheated oven...
Here are my buns when they came out the oven.

Here is a photo of me making my blueberry buttercream - I didn't take a photo of me doing my pineapple one. 

I had a little visitor and he wanted to lick the spoon and he loved it! 

I then put my blueberry buttercream on half of my buns and my pineapple buttercream on the other half - however I feel like I added too much milk to my buttercream so it was more like blueberry and pineapple icing sugar.  
And here are my finished buns! I decided to add a malteaser on top too.

They went down a treat! 

I'd like to thank Sugar and Crumbs for letting me review their products. 

*Disclaimer: These products were send for review purposes only, all opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

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