Sunday, 6 April 2014

My Mickey Mouse Brownie Cake ♥


So today I thought I'd share with you my little creation of what is my 'Mickey Mouse brownie cake' although it could be Minney mouse. If you don't already know I am obsessed with Disney. I just love all the magic and it's just my favourite thing ever. So when I found out about the disney baking magazine (I can't remember what it's called) was in the newsagents and Tesco I thought I would have a look. The first issue was only £0.99p and I haven't picked one up since (I got this last year but have only recently started using it) and the issue had a cute little magazine and this cutter along with some other cute stuff and so I bought it and thought it would be great for when Alfie (my little brother) comes round or for myself when I bake lots of yummy treats or should I say I try to.

So anyway you have probably already seen my brownie recipe that I posted in January on my blog which you can see here I did the exact same thing as I did in that post except I put my brownie mixture into a circle tin rather than a rectangle one.

So as you can see I put the cutter in and my family wanted some so I cut around it aha.

Then I took the cutter out and there was Mickey mouse shape.


I have my cute little Mickey mouse brownie cake. It is super yummy too and is great if you're having a tea party or a picnic..

I hope you've enjoyed this post! 

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