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*Monu Beauty Balm Review. ♥

Hello everyone! How are you all? 

I know I've been doing a lot of reviews recently on my blog and that is because I've had a lot more new products to try and test and some old ones to enlighten you on and I hope you  don't mind too much - I just want to share my thoughts on some products that I own and just maybe my review might influence you to give it a whirl. I also asked people what they would like to see on my blog and they said reviews so here is the time where I give you lots and lots of reviews. It will quieten down I promise - This also helps me schedule my posts as my exams are coming up and so at least I have something to provide you all with. If you want to see any specific thing on my blog just let me know in the comments and I will take them all on board. So now that I'm rambling a bit - okay a lot! I will get onto today's post which is introducing you to a product that might be my favourite product to use and it is the Monu Beauty Balm. The lovely company which is of course Monu kindly sent me this to review and I'm pretty sure that once this is all gone I'll be purchasing some more.

I love the packaging - It is so simple but I love the colours as it doesn't look boring. 

I opened the packaging to reveals this gorgeous glass bottle of my beauty balm.

Back of the packaging with all the information.

This product claims: 

  • This classic, creamy Beauty Balm provides instant radiance. The perfect beauty boost to wake-up the complexion.

  • Created using a nourishing blend of revitalising Neroli and Sweet Orange essential oils to stimulate the body and mind and wake-up the complexion.

  • Added natural proteins aid in tighten pores, smoothing the skins surface and generating a flawless appearance that is sure to leave you feeling confident and assured.

  • The powerful antioxidant action of Vitamin E combined with Glycerin to comfort and calm the skin and Sodium Hyaluronate to firm fine lines allows you to look and feel fabulous from morning to night.


  • Using a pressing action, apply a small amount of Beauty Balm to clean, dry skin on the face and neck over the top of your moisturiser
  • Make-up can be applied over the top if necessary
  • For salon results, a thicker layer may be applied and left for 15 minutes to create a mask, after 15 minutes any residue can be removed with toner or warm water - perfect for any special occasions or times where you want your skin to look its absolute best.

So what did I think?

Well I can tell you all that I was so surprised. I have never tried a beauty balm before so I was intrigued to know how it worked and what the results would be. It has a creamy consistency like a cleanser and it does provide instant radiance and gives my face the boost that it needs to make me look wide awake even if I'm not. I'm not quite sure whether it does stimulate the body and mind but it did wake up my complexion. It fades my dark circles and brightens my skin up. I'm glad that it has natural proteins and Vitamin E as you know that the product can supply you with some vitamins and proteins you might be missing out on. As for how to use the product it is very simple. I applied a small amount of the Beauty Balm on my face after I had toned and cleansed my face - I used it as a moisturiser as I'm not too keen on moisturiser itself so I apply it to the dry patches on my face and I leave it on my skin. I feel like it moisturises my face so I am happy enough to use it as a moisturiser even though it isn't. I will definitely try and use it as a mask from time to time as I feel like this will really push the product to it's full potential. I am in absolute love with the whole packaging and wow that glass bottle is fabulous. I feel like many products nowadays come in either tubes or tubs or plastic type bottles and so to have it in a glass container I feel like it makes it more luxurious and would be nice to have on a dressing table. Also it has a special type pump so the more product you pump out the more the pump will go up - This means that there will be no wastage which is perfect and shows that you really are getting your moneys worth. As for the smell - I'm not too keen on it if I'm honest but it's not a horrible smell it's just not the sort of smell I would have expected I feel like as long as the product works the smell doesn't really matter. Overall I am so thrilled with this product and would recommend it to anyone who has dry/combination skin as it really does tackle those dry patches. You can buy this product here for a 50ml bottle it costs £29.95 so it's not the cheapest of products but I feel like it's worth every penny. 

*Disclaimer: This product was sent for review purposes only, all views and opinions stated are my own and are 100% honest.

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