Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Guest post from Catherine (youwishyou) ♥│Find new bloggers series!

Hi Perks of Being Meg readers, I am Catherine from the blog You Wish You, doing a guest post for the gorgeous Megan. I blog over at www.youwishyou.blogspot.co.uk, so please have a look on my blog and give me a follow! This post is all about getting your skin summer ready, and for more beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts please visit my blog.

Getting Summer Ready Skin.

The weather has taken a change for the better recently, and the gorgeous temperatures and blue skies are making me excited for the summer! Our bodies love this season too; the sun on our faces means no more dull skin, our lips are no longer chapped from the cold and we can even dare to show a bit of flesh. By the time summer officially comes around, I like my skin to be prepared and already looking beautiful.

My top tip for gorgeous skin all year round is to always exfoliate. I use a puff in the shower to do this and with shower gel it leaves the texture of your skin smooth and even, but also moisturised and gorgeously scented. Exfoliating is really important for getting rid of all dead skin (gross!) and maintaining your skin’s naturally beautiful appearance.  After showering I moisturize with The Body Shop’s Body Cream in Coconut Ice Cream to keep my skin soft and hydrated throughout the day. I start to use my coconut scented moisturizer as soon as the weather gets warmer as the exotic, sweet smell is perfect for summer; it always reminds me of being on holiday!

If you’re like me and you don’t suit a paler complexion, products that can give you a premature summer glow are life savers. Garnier’s Summerbody Moisturizer and Nip+Fab’s Body Glow Fix are my go-to products for giving you a subtle natural tan whilst moisturizing. I love tanning moisturizers as they don’t have that fake tan smell (the Garnier one actually smells like apricots - yum), I also find it easier to get a perfect streak free coverage with these types of products.  Plus you are moisturising while you’re tanning, so your skin is getting double the treat.

If you love an even deeper summer tan, fake tan products are a must.  There are so many on the market to choose from in different forms (mousse, gel, spray, lotion) and I think you have to play around with a few types before you find what suits you. I absolutely hate spray on self tanner, but one of my friends loves them, so I recommend experimenting with self tan to see what you love and what doesn’t work so well for you.

My summer skin routine helps keep my skin in gorgeous shape all year around, as well as preparing it for getting on show in the warmer season and I can’t wait to get my shoulders out in the hopefully near future!
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my guest post, please check out my blog and give me a follow!

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