Saturday, 19 April 2014

Egg 'n' Spoon Review ♥

I know I'm quite late or even very late about jumping non the egg 'n' spoon bandwagon but I have and to be honest with you all I'm quite disappointed. I paid £4.00 for these in Sainsbury's which personally I feel is a rip off. As I've mentioned in so many of my posts I try and not cave in and go along with the 'hype' and overall I'm not really a big chocolate fan so why on earth was I so stupid. Well I will tell you why...

I mean first things first look at the packaging just look! How cool is the packaging. You're probably all sat here reading this like 'it's an egg box it's not that good' but I have never seen packaging like it minus the egg packaging you get for actual eggs but they look so good on the photo and I thought why the hell not. Well I opened the box to find the tiniest ever spoons which I must admit are very cute and then I saw the eggs and I was like 'oh' they are tiny and I definitely felt ripped off. It was like a kinder egg or creme egg just was claimed as something much more 'special'. I bit into the egg and then I revealed the chocolate mousse which was okay I guess. I summed it up as a 'chocolate creme egg'  with 'chocolate mousse inside' which is basically what it is. So overall I wasn't very impressed.
Would I buy it again? No probably not. Personally this item/product was not worth the 'hype'.

Ratings out of 10: 2/10

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