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I write the blog Classy Southern Girls Wear Pearls where the main focus is fashion. Every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday I do an outfit post (many are repliKate's on a more affordable level) and then Friday is the day to just ramble on about any topic. I started my blog because I love both fashion and writing, but at 18 I'm out of school and no longer in any writing classes. I love those classic beauties that add a modern twist such as the Duchess of Cambridge, Mollie King, and Princess Madeleine. So many people view classic styles as going to your grandmother's closet and picking something  out, but I believe that if you add a modern twist to something classic you won't look grandma-ish. Instead you'll look trendy, but in a very timeless way. My blog, CSGWP, focuses on that theory of Modern Classic dressing. I hope you enjoy reading it!

5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Create a Kate Middleton Wardrobe
Invest In Basic Pieces: It may seem crazy to spend $245 on a pair of London Sole Henrietta flats like Catherine Cambridge, but the quality is worth the price. When you spend more on those staple pieces in your wardrobe that you get loads of wear out of it’s worth it to spend a little more money. The quality at the end of the day will pay for itself. Paying $10 for a classic navy dress may seem like a great deal at the time, but how long before the dress starts to fall apart? Be willing to save up and pay a little more because at the end of the day that classic navy dress that drained your bank account $200 will allow you years upon years of fashionable wear.
Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Rules: The British Monarchy has this ‘rule’ where you DO NOT wear black to any occasion other than a funeral, etc. The fashion world says DO NOT wear tan with black. Rules were meant to be broken and once you have honed your style it is a lot easier to mix it up and try new things. As Kate has grown in style confidence, we've seen her branch out and try some daring things (like wearing black and tan together). The thing to remember is: You can’t possibly please everyone so dress for yourself. Your opinion is the one that matters most when it comes to clothing.
Conservative Doesn't Have To Be Boring: Today so many trends are shorter hemlines and lower necklines, but not everyone is comfortable with that. As future Queen Consort the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to wear appropriate length items, but she has proven conservative hemlines and necklines don’t have to be boring, faux-pas filled, and grandma-ish. Embrace the sophisticated, conservative look!
Go For A Modern Classic: Classic pieces are often times compared to, yet again, something you would steal from your grandmother’s wardrobe, but it surely doesn't have to be. Add a modern touch to your classic pieces or mix-and-match those timeless pieces to create a more modern look. Kate Middleton is well on her way to becoming a Fashion Icon one classic styled outfit at a time. Don’t be afraid to mix stripes and polka dots or pleats and peplum. Switch it up and try new things.
Be Yourself: No one can deny that Kate Middleton dresses for herself and not the public. You should take that in mind as you purchase clothing as well as get dressed every day. DO NOT dress for anyone, but yourself. Be confident in who you are and the way you dress. Don’t let the impossible standards society places on beauty cause you doubt the way you look. You are beautiful no matter what anyone else says. Believe in yourself and don’t change who you are to fit into society.
Classy Southern Girls Wear Pearls

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