Friday, 18 April 2014

*Beauty Narcotix - The Ultimate Fix Nail Spray Review. ♥


So Today I am reviewing The Ultimate Fix Nail Spray by Beauty Narcotix. This lovely company sent me a 50ml sample which is supposed to do either 12 manicures or 12 pedicures. I mixed and matched by doing both manicures and pedicures and it lasted me at least 8 - I maybe used a little more than I'm supposed to but I'm still happy with the amount I got out of it. 

The packaging is very basic - silver, white and red but it is a small travel sized bottle which means I could take it in my handbag.

The delivery was super quick and I received mine within a day.

So what are the benefits?

"With the Ultimate Fix you can achieve the beautiful, long lasting, high shine results that gels give without the potential hassle of gel nails."
  • You can remove with normal nail polish remover.
  • Chip Proof.
  •   Non oily - use on all coats.
  • For use on all enamel colours, base coats and top coats (BUT NOT GEL)
  •  UV protection. No discolouration 
  • Manicures dry in 5-10 minutes (Saving over 15 minutes)
  • Pedicures dry in 15-20 minutes (Saving over 30 minutes)
  •  Intoxicating fragrance
  • Professional and home use
How to get the best results...

  1. Prepare nails as normal.
  2. Apply base coat to either hands or feet.
  3. Shake can well.
  4. Hold can approx. 30cms away from nails and spray evenly across all nails for just 2/3 seconds. (Don’t worry if any touches your skin, it will disappear in seconds.)
  5. Repeat for each layer of polish including the topcoat.

So what were my results

I must say I was very impressed with the delivery, customer service and the size of the product. The packaging could be a little more exciting but It doesn't really matter too much. The Ultimate Fix claims to do a lot of things so I had to try and test this product very closely. You can indeed remove it with normal nail polish remover and it comes off quick and easy. It is non - oily and I used it on all the coats. You can use it on enamel colours, base coats and top coats. Over the few days that there was sun and I was out in it my nails didn't discolour. It dried my nails pretty quick and the fragrance was pleasant and it makes your nails look professional even though you are at home. The only downside I have to this product is that it doesn't really prevent your nails being chip free. I have had a few experiences with my nail varnishes and they weren't gel as one of them it didn't chip for at least 4 days and then others it was a day. So I have a mixed opinion - although my nails do chip so easily which is annoying. 

Overall I was impressed with this product. 

You can buy this product in 2 sizes:

Have you tried any products to help your nails not to chip?

I would like to say another big thank you to Beauty Narcotix for giving me this wonderful experience to try their product. 

 *Disclaimer: This product was sent for review purposes only, all my opinions expressed are 100% honest. 

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