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*BeautyUK Review. #2 ♥

Hello all! 

I'm very excited to tell you about some more BeautyUK products that I have kindly been sent to review - As you know I reviewed some of their products before and you can read about them here and today I have some more to share with you. I would firstly like to start off by thanking the wonderful team at BeautyUK for letting me review their products - Their customer service is so good! 

Anyways onto the products...

So firstly I got sent another high brow all in one brow definition kit which I am happy about because I got sent this last time and I have had chance to experiment with it. Basically I love the packaging of this product and it's travel sized so you can take it with you anywhere. 

Now onto the exploring - I actually struggle with my brows as they are quite thick and bushy and they like to be two different colours - yep that's right I have different coloured brows. This kit comes with some handy tweezers and a brush along with some wax and 3 various colours depending on how dark your brows are - Now mine are nearly black and I always find it hard to make them look natural but on one brow I have been using the lighest shade and then on the other one I've been mixing the lightest shade and the medium shade together so they don't look too odd. I love this kit as it's so easy to use and I would recommend it as it is super cheap too. You can buy it here for £3.99.

The next thing I received was the compact face powder and wow it's fabulous! I always struggle to find a powder that is light enough for my face that doesn't make me have orange strands through my face and I need one that will make my skin look even and this definitely does the job. I love this particularly because it is a compact which means I can pop it in my bag and I'm not worried that the top is going to come off. You can buy it here for £3.99 and mine is in the shade no.1.

I have never seen such a light colour for a powder and as I haven't tried the Rimmel Stay Matte powder I thought I'd give this a go first. 

If you also lift up the second type of lid you get a puff (is that even what you call it) for what you can apply it with however I used my powder brush from mydressroom. However I still think it's a good idea to have one just in case you don't want to carry a brush around with you. 

Next I got the posh palette in eden which I liked the look of because they are pretty neutral and I like to keep my eyes as natural as possible. They have 2 other palettes to choose from but I thought this was perfect. It reminds me of the MUA Undress Me Too palette and I was super excited to try these. I don't think they are very pigmented so you have to put quite a lot on if you want a noticeable amount on. I love the packaging. You can buy it here for £5.99.

You get a little mirror too and a brush.

 Now to talk about each shade - they don't have any names so I decided to name them. 
1- Is a pale brown and this is great to use for a smokey eye. 
2 - This is a lighter brown than number 1 and it looks lovely on it's own. 
3 - I used number 3 for my make up to a party I went to and it looked so lovely on my eyes and made me look so awake - It's a pearl kind of colour. 
4,5,6,7,10 - I haven't used any of these yet but I think these colours will be great in the crease of your eye. 
8 - Is a grey colour and it's nice to wear with eye liner. 
9 - This is great for a colour under the bottom lashes when you're doing a smokey eye - really brightens the eyes up. 

Next I got a baked blush which I was very intrigued by because I have never tried a bake blush and wondered how it would look. 

I opened it and wow I was greeted by this gorgeous rose colour and it looks so lovely on the apples of your cheeks - It gives you that healthy flush that you need. This is called rose rouge and you can buy it here for £3.99.

Swatch of the baked blush. 

Next I got a blush and brush in the shade rustic peach - I have never tried a peach kind of blush so I was very excited to experiment with this. These are £2.99 and you can buy one here.

These blushes have a phraze imprinted into it which is 'make a statement' and it is a gorgeous colour - I tried this as a blush but personally I would use it as a blush/contour so instead of using a contour use this and then blend it across the apples of your cheeks - It makes even the palest of people (aka me) look quite tanned and healthy. 

Swatch of Rustic Peach.

Finally I got the Urban Girl Nail Set and it had a range of colours that I really liked - You can buy this here for £4.99. 

Here are the nail varnishes out of the packaging. 

Firstly there is this really nice snowy white colour which is nice if you want a plain kind of nail. 

 Secondly is a orange colour and it is a lot darker than it looks - This will be perfect for summer. 

Next is a green colour - This is quite a dark green but I feel like again this will be perfect for summer. 

Here is a grey colour and this will be good if you are wearing a dark outfit or in winter. 

Next is a gorgeous blue which you can wear in all seasons.

Finally we have a reddy-pink colour which would be good for a change. 

Here are what all the colours look like on a nail wheel. 

In my last review of my products from BeautyUK I asked you guys if you would like a Get Ready With Me Post and so I have created a look with some products from BeautyUK - They aren't all BeautyUK but most of them are and if you want to know how to get this look tell me in the comments below and I shall do a post. 

 I would like to thank the lovely team at BeautyUK for sending me these fabulous products to review as it's been a pleasure. 

*Disclaimer: These products were sent for review purposes only, all opinions and views stated are my own and are 100% honest. 

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